Cape Town Communities: Exploring Mitchells Plain

With just over 300,000 residents calling Mitchells Plain home (also affectionally known as “Die Plein” by locals), this diverse community is a hive of exciting experiences.

Situated on the Cape Flats between Muizenberg and Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain is made up of 20 unique neighbourhoods, each offering its own charm and character.

Steeped in historical significance, this area has given rise to a tremendously resilient and welcoming community, ready to share its culture and proud heritage with visitors.

Whether you’re eager to explore its past, or a foodie looking to savour diverse culinary delights like the famous “Gatsby”, this area has it all.

The warm hospitality of locals, coupled with its colourful arts scene, a wealth of recreational activities and brilliant community initiatives, make Mitchells Plain an experience like no other.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the magic of Mitchells Plain – a place where culture, community, and adventure blend together, creating an unforgettable experience.

Places to Eat in Mitchells Plain

The Grillfather

Known as the “number 1 steakhouse in Mitchells Plain,” The Grillfather is a delicious local culinary gem. Influenced by the owner’s love of good food and the Godfather trilogy, this establishment offers braai-inspired delights, including basted steaks, barbecue chicken, and flame-grilled burgers. Don’t miss the footlong boerewors roll, a traditional South African beef sausage treat.

Location: 15 Simonsig Ave, Westridge, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Price: From R50
Opening and closing times: Tuesday to Saturday 11am—9pm
Call: 084 319 2573

Premium Sports Bar

Serving superior cold beer, great food and a variety of fantastic events every day at Premium Sports Bar. Laugh out loud at comedy shows, serenade the crowd with karaoke, or go head-to-head on quiz nights, at one of the hottest venues in the area.

Location: 1 Avocado St, Westridge, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Price: From R50
Opening and closing times: 11am—2am
Call: 071 751 5180

Things to See in Mitchells Plain

Wolfgat Nature Reserve

Captivating coastal vistas, endangered dune vegetation, and fossil-rich areas make Wolfgat Nature Reserve a must-see for nature enthusiasts. Hike along ancient limestone cliffs and witness the natural beauty at its finest.

Location: Baden Powell Drive, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Price: Free
Opening and closing times: Monday to Friday 7:30am—4pm
Call: 021 392 5134

Pop in at RLabs House

With luxurious touches and tasteful motifs, RLabs draws inspiration from the very best in Cape Flats’ design and culture. Visit this boutique destination, perusing their paintings and community market, or join them for First Thursdays for drinks and fine art.

Location: 38 Silverhurst St, Westridge, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Price: Free entry
Opening and closing times: Monday to Friday 9am—4pm
Call: 068 019 6510

Things to do in Mitchells Plain

Visit Westridge Gardens

Situated in the heart of this sprawling neighbourhood, escape into a green belt blooming with indigenous Cape fynbos and aromatic roses. Enjoy inclusive play areas, a skateboard ramp, community concerts, and the iconic Mitchells Plain Festival held annually.

Location: Morgenster Road, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Price: Free
Opening and closing times: 7am—6:30pm
Call: 021 400 6088

Mitchells Plain

Aunty Nita’s Tours

Go on an immersive experience into the heart of rousing Cape Flats culture with Aunty Nita’s Tours. Go on a mesmerising journey, revealing scintillating tales of trials and triumphs, while celebrating the true spirit of Mitchells Plain.

Price: From R900
Call: 082 572 7377

Shopping sprees at Liberty Promenade

With over 1 million shoppers per month, Liberty Promenade is a bustling place in the heart of Mitchells Plain. Spend the day visiting a whopping 180 stores, ranging from fast food and restaurants to homeware, fashion shops and so much more.

Location: Cnr AZ Berman Drive and Morgenster Road, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Price: Various
Opening and closing times: Monday to Thursday 9am—6pm; Friday 9am—7pm; Saturday 9am—5pm; Sunday and Public Holidays 9am—3pm
Call: 021 377 4000

Mnandi Beach

A Blue Flag haven in Mitchells Plain, Mnandi Beach welcomes sun-seekers, walkers, swimmers, and even whale watchers. Enjoy endless leisure with lifeguard-protected waters, a playground, and vibrant activities like surfing and fishing. Kids revel in the pool’s waterslides and playground equipment on lush lawns. Picnic spots, barbecues, and kiosks offer treats and refreshments to complete your afternoon getaway.

Location: Weltevreden Road, Rocklands, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Price: Free
Call: 021 392 5220

Mitchells Plain

Find bargains at Station Plaza Shopping Centre

Apparently, if you didn’t find a bargain, you weren’t looking hard enough at Station Plaza. This shopping experience is all about deals, discounts, and brilliant bargains. Although quite small, you’re guaranteed to save big on food, clothes and everything in between.

Location: 7th Avenue, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Price: Various
Opening and closing times: Monday to Friday 9am—5:30pm; Saturday 9am—5pm; Sunday and Public Holidays 9am—2pm
Call: 021 396 2500

Community Upliftment and Empowerment

Blaqpearl Foundation

A non-profit organisation, founded in 2016, The Blaqpearl Foundation is on an important mission to empower individuals and communities through the arts, culture, and education. They offer a variety of programmes and services, including creative writing workshops, after-school activities, and fitness and wellness sessions.

Location: 82 Buic Crescent, Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Call: 062 206 1310

Arisen Women

With over 20 years of unwavering dedication to uplifting the community, Arisen Women is a non-profit powerhouse for positive change in Mitchells Plain. Founded by Chantal and Sheila Scoble in 2001, Arisen Women offers essential health services, empowering women as community ambassadors. From training caregivers to battling chronic diseases, fostering youth education, and nourishing the vulnerable, their initiatives have transformed countless lives.

If you’d like to volunteer your time, or donate to their vision, please visit the website below.

Location: 4 Hugo Naude Street, New Woodlands, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
Call: 021 372 6839

Safety Tips When Exploring Mitchells Plain

  • Stay Aware: Be mindful of your surroundings and stay alert in unfamiliar areas, especially at night.
  • Keep Valuables Secure: Keep your belongings, including phones, cameras, and wallets, secure and avoid displaying expensive items openly.
  • Travel in Groups: Whenever possible, travel with a group, especially when exploring less touristy areas. It is also highly recommended to use a local guide, or community member who is familiar with the area.

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