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Being put on the map for our world-class healthcare in 1967, with the world’s first heart transplant being performed by Christiaan Barnard, we can assure you that you that Cape Town has an excellent network of both state and private hospitals. We recommend that you travel with an insurance policy so you can receive the best private healthcare available in Cape Town. Two of the biggest private providers are Netcare and Mediclinic, who run many hospitals and clinics around the country. Those who cannot afford health insurance however, can access public healthcare in South Africa regardless of nationality, travel or immigration status.


Yes. Tap and bottled water are readily available throughout the city. It is also perfectly safe to drink tap water in Cape Town – the water is rated as being of a top global standard.

Yellow fever vaccination certificate required for travellers aged 1 year or over arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission and for travellers having transited for more than 12 hours through an airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.

Cape Town is a malaria-free area.

Two of the biggest hospital networks in South Africa are Mediclinic and Netcare. 



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