The Responsible Tourism journey

TravelWise Cape Town is the official source of information to help Cape Town on its journey to being a truly responsible tourism destination, while maintaining its reputation for world-class tourism .We believe that sustainable development and tourism go hand-in-hand and we’ve identified eight responsible tourism priorities that will take us to true sustainability. We’ve put together a collection of tools and resources to help businesses operate responsibly and to give visitors the information they need to travel responsibly. 



The Cape Town Water Strategy sets the City on course towards a future in which there will be sufficient water for all, and which is resilient to the possible impacts of climate change.



Changing our energy economy is a big part of our advance towards a sustainable energy future. Although we are becoming a city that prioritises renewable energy, we still have a journey ahead of us.



Cape Town is a major, modern cosmopolitan South African city. As such, we would advise travellers to exercise the same level of vigilance they would exercise when visiting any major city in the world.



Instead of throwing away all the waste we produce, we should start thinking about how to produce less waste in the first place, as well as what can be recycled, composted and reused. 



Our neighbourhoods and communities are the heart and soul of Cape Town. Through our initiatives, we aim to empower and develop community leadership, tourism and education.



Cape Town gives you the opportunities to develop your skills, learn what a job involves, introduce yourself to potential employers and meet people in your industry.

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