5 Conservation Organisations Keeping the Cape in Shape

Cape Town Sightseeing

Cape Town Sightseeing – Nestled along the rugged coast of South Africa, Cape Town stands as a beacon of natural beauty and environmental significance in the world.

Within this captivating city, a remarkable conservation movement is happening, led by influential organisations dedicated to preserving and protecting Cape Town’s unique ecosystems.

These organisations, along with many others, are at the forefront of this transformative journey, ensuring the long-term sustainability of Cape Town’s natural treasures.

Their collaborative efforts, innovative strategies, and unwavering commitment serve as inspiration, offering hope while demonstrating that positive conservation strides are possible.

We explore their remarkable work, discovering how their profound impact is shaping a more resilient and harmonious relationship between humanity and nature in Cape Town.

Come with us as we shine the conservation spotlight on five organisations keeping the Cape in great shape.


Located in South Africa’s Western Cape province, CapeNature focuses on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the region. The organisation manages nature reserves, protected areas, and coastal environments, protecting ecosystems and endangered species, and combating invasive species. They actively engage in environmental education and awareness initiatives while also promoting responsible tourism.

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Conservation - Cape Town Sightseeing - Cape Town Tourism

Green Cape

Green Cape is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, on a mission to support businesses and investors in the green economy by removing barriers to establishment and growth. They also collaborate with local, provincial, and national governments to build a resilient green economy. Green Cape focuses on various industries through its programmes and sector desks, including energy, sustainable mobility, alternative service delivery, bioenergy, water, sustainable agriculture, circular economy, and green finance. Their aim is to stimulate investment, job creation, and the adoption of economically viable green solutions in South Africa.

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Zero Waste Association of South Africa (ZWASA)

ZWASA is a registered non-profit organization (NPO) dedicated to promoting and supporting the zero waste circular economy. ZWASA empowers communities to become change agents in South Africa, shifting from “Waste Management” to “Resource Management” while adopting sustainable consumption patterns.

ZWASA is a core member of international organisations such as the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), Break Free From Plastic (BFFP), and the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), all working towards a just, toxic-free, and zero waste world.

You can support ZWASA’s mission to work towards a zero waste future by donating on their website

The Table Mountain Fund (TMF)

The Table Mountain Fund (TMF) is a renowned conservation trust fund established in 1998 with start-up funding from WWF-SA and later contributions from the World Bank.

With a strong emphasis on protecting the natural heritage of the Cape region, particularly the Fynbos ecosystem, TMF has invested nearly R100 million in over 350 projects. These initiatives encompass various areas of conservation, including land acquisition, sustainable land management, applied research, and innovative projects carried out by civil society.

TMF aims to conserve the biological diversity of the Greater Cape Floristic Region. Through its programmes, TMF strives to foster an appreciation of fynbos, develop fynbos-based economies, empower new entrants in conservation, and ensure the long-term health and resilience of natural ecosystems.

The Table Mountain Fund has delivered excellent results in restoring and protecting the natural wonders of the Cape Floristic Region. But there is much more to do as the threats to this unique World Heritage Site are mounting every day.

Join international donors, local partners and dedicated individuals in saving the unique species and ecosystems, allowing people and nature to thrive.

Visit their website for more information


SANCCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town. It is dedicated to the conservation, rehabilitation and protection of seabirds, with a particular focus on endangered African penguins and other seabird species.

Since 1968, SANCCOB has become the leading seabird rehabilitation centre, responding to oil spills, rescuing injured and oiled seabirds, and providing medical care and rehabilitation facilities.

They also conduct research, education, and awareness programs to promote the understanding and conservation of coastal bird species. SANCCOB plays a crucial role in safeguarding the future of seabird populations along the Southern African coastline.

You can make a difference by donating time, talent, items, or cash. Adopting an African penguin allows individuals to name and support a penguin at SANCCOB. Financial contributions help cover operational expenses for critical conservation projects and care for seabird patients.

For more information on how you can help, visit

Conservation - Cape Town Sightseeing - Cape Town Tourism

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