Annual Maintenance Shutdown for Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway (TMACC) will stop operations for seven weeks for its annual maintenance from Monday, 15 July, until Sunday, 1 September 2024.

The extended time is in line with TMACC’s maintenance schedule, in accordance with international standards. In addition to refurbishing the outlets and refreshing the look and feel of both the Top and Lower Stations, extensive work will be done on the cable cars and the ropes.

Annual Maintenance

Andries de Vries, Technical Executive at TMACC, said the annual maintenance ensured strict compliance with the preventive maintenance protocols stipulated by global governing standards and guidelines.

“Just like how we take our cars in for regular servicing, based on actual mileage, we rigorously inspect and service every aspect of the Cableway, ensuring consistent alignment with international best practice and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specifications,” he said.

He said the work planned for 2024 is more extensive and will take 7 weeks.

TMACC will perform a full cable replacement for the first time since the 1997 revamp, as well as maintenance of the hanging and running gear, as per OEM (Doppelmayr Garaventa) specifications.

“This winter we will be replacing all four of the 1.5 km-long track rope cables (the station-to-station length is 1.2 km),” added de Vries.

How It Affects Visitors

The Cableway, along with all commercial and public outlets and operations at the Upper and Lower Stations, will remain closed to the public. This includes shops, restaurants, and ablution facilities.

Over the coming weeks, throughout the build-up to the shutdown, Cape Town residents and tourists can expect early morning helicopter activity on and around the mountain, as equipment is flown to the top.

Hikers can still enjoy a trek up Table Mountain, with many routes and walkways accessible. However, the hiking trails directly under the pathway of the cables will be closed as there will be extensive work happening overhead.

Table Mountain Hiking Map

All footpaths from Kloof Corner to Platteklip leading up to the mountain will be closed. These include Kloof Corner, Lower Cableway to Contour, Old Platteklip routes, Contour Path, India Venster, and Fountain Ledge.

Alternative routes include Platteklip Gorge, Pipe Track (Kasteelpoort), and Devil’s Peak.

TMACC advises that hikers should be mindful of changing weather conditions when embarking on a hike up Table Mountain, as they will need to hike back down.

A separate project currently underway at the foot of Table Mountain is the rehabilitation of Tafelberg Road by the City of Cape Town. Sections of Tafelberg Road will be closed to traffic at certain times, and road users are urged to always follow instructions issued by officials who are directing the flow of traffic.

Free Birthday Ride

If you are celebrating your birthday during the shutdown period, you can redeem your free birthday tickets during September 2024 when you produce a valid SA ID document, driver’s license, or birth certificate (inclusive of an SA ID number). This is to show that you celebrated your birthday during the seven-week shutdown.

The Cape Town attraction will reopen, weather permitting, on Monday, 2 September 2024.

For more information, visit

tmac free birthday ride

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