Staying Connected Abroad with Vodacom Travel Bundles for International Roaming

International Roaming Why get Travel Data Bundles?

When it is winter in South Africa, the allure of warmer destinations entices locals to embark on international summer vacations.

However, the common challenge of staying connected affordably while travelling internationally often leads to unexpected bill shocks upon their return.

Finding a Solution

To curb this, Vodacom offers a solution with its international roaming bundles, enabling customers to stay connected in over 200 destinations and eliminating data roaming worries.

With Vodacom’s international travel data bundles, customers traveling overseas can save on international roaming costs, maintaining internet access without incurring costly roaming charges. These bundles cater to both pre-paid and contract customers, empowering them to connect like locals in foreign countries.

The Travel Bundles suit those seeking a data connection for activities such as sharing on social media or using essential travel services like e-hailing or navigation apps. These bundles come in two options, both valid for 7 days:

  • 1GB data for R99
  • 5GB data for R349

Vodacom ensures that customers stay informed about their usage through free SMS notifications and alerts, enabling them to monitor their data consumption. In addition, customers can opt for auto allocation to automatically top up when they run out of data, and they can easily manage their usage through the Vodapay app.

How To Connect                  

Before purchasing the bundles, customers can check their roaming status by calling customer care on (082)135 or accessing the USSD menu by dialing *135*130#. Once the service is active, customers have two options for purchasing their bundle:

*USSD *135*130# or VodaPay>Buy > International roaming > Travel data bundle.

The bundles are only valid on land and not during in-flight or cruise ship travel, as they do not cover satellite services.

When planning an international trip, it’s essential for customers to buy their chosen allocation before departing for their destination.

For the full list of countries covered by the bundles and additional product information, visit Vodacom Travel Bundles.

Stay connected, stay informed, and enjoy seamless connectivity with Vodacom’s International Travel Bundles. Further Together

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