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bloemedal bike park

Cape Town is at the forefront of South Africa’s biking revolution, with many bike lanes, epic mountain biking trails, and home to some of the continent’s biggest cycle races.

Here are a few popular routes you can enjoy during your next adventure in the Mother City:

Sea Point Promenade

The Sea Point Promenade affords cyclists a picturesque and enjoyable ride along the Atlantic coastline. This route stretches from the Mouille Point lighthouse to the end of Sea Point. The Prom (as locals calls it)  is teeming with activity, so be sure to stop at one of the food kiosks or restaurants (on the roadside) along the route for a cup of coffee or fish and chips. The area is also dotted with public art installations including the “Mandela Sunglasses”  and scenic viewpoints. UpCycles also does affordable bike rentals, charged at hourly rates.


Sea Point
Credit: Arkadij Schell

Table Mountain National Park

The steep slopes that characterise much of the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) make it ideal for mountain bikers.

However, because this activity has a high impact and negatively affects the park’s biodiversity and often clashes with activities such as hiking and dog walking, there are designated areas where mountain biking is allowed. These include certain parts of the Tokai Plantation and Silvermine (accessible from Gate One). You can also cycle on the tar roads in Table Mountain National Park in Cape Point, Silvermine, Tokai, and up to Rhodes Memorial.

Download the route map here:

table mountain bike trail
Credit Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

The Constantia Greenbelt

Encompassing a network of interconnected trails that meander through greenbelts and picturesque parks, The Constantia Greenbelt caters to riders of all skill levels. For beginners and leisure cyclists, the Greenbelt offers gentle, flat paths that wind through serene parkland settings. These easy routes provide a relaxed and enjoyable biking experience, perfect for families or those seeking a leisurely ride.

Intermediate riders will appreciate the mix of easy to moderate trails within the Greenbelt. These routes may include some gentle inclines and varied terrain, adding a bit of challenge.

Bloemendal Trail Park

Located in the Durbanville Wine Valley, discover 36km of mountain bike trails that span across the Bloemendal Wine Estate, D’Aria, and Hillcrest Estate.

Perfect for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, you can enjoy a stunning backdrop of Durbanville as you whizz past the trails. Day and annual permits are offered. Stop by the Bloemendal Trail Park Café and Bar to cool off afterward.

Visit here for the route map:


bloemedal bike park

Chapman’s Peak Drive

This iconic Cape Town attraction is renowned for its stunning views and challenging cycling routes. Riders can explore the rugged coastline, with the Atlantic Ocean stretching out on one side and towering cliffs on the other. The route’s hairpin bends, and elevation changes add to the excitement, making it a favourite destination for cyclists looking to test their skills and enjoy the natural beauty of the Western Cape region.


chapmans peak drive


Embark on an unforgettable journey through Cape Town’s largest township with a guided bike tour of Khayelitsha. Hosted by the knowledgeable folks at ABCD Concepts, this immersive experience offers more than just cycling as you also get to sightsee some of the area’s best-kept secrets. Kick off your adventure at Lookout Hill and pedal your way through top spots as the guides share stories of local heroes and other interesting tidbits. End of your trip with a mouthwatering local meal. Bikes and helmets are provided.


Signal Hill

Cycling up Signal Hill is a popular choice for visitors seeking an active adventure. The winding road to the summit provides cyclists with a challenging yet rewarding ride, offering stunning views along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just looking for a fun workout, pedaling up Signal Hill is an experience you won’t forget. Be sure to take breaks to enjoy the scenery or cycle up during sunrise or sunset.

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