Cape Town has become a very bike-friendly city, with dedicated bike lanes in most areas and some of the world’s biggest cycle races hosted here. Cycling in Cape Town is not only a fun and healthy sport—it can also be a great way to get around the city.


mountain bikers in Tokai Forest.


There are a number of places to rent bicycles in Cape Town. If you ride a bike around town, remember to ride on the left-hand side of the road, and use hand signals to indicate. Woodstock, the City Bowl, and a number of other areas have clearly demarcated cycle lanes which make the experience much easier.

Cycle tours are also very popular. Whether you want to explore the Winelands, the City Bowl, Table Mountain, or the Cape Point Nature Reserve, there are operators that can help you with bike rental and guided tours.

If you really want to cycle like a local, try out Upcycles. Ther rent bikes out at the Waterfront and in Seapoint, and you can cycle along the promenade between the two pick-up/drop-off points. With uninterrupted sea views and the wind in your hair, it’s an invigorating experience and a fun way to experience Cape Town like a local.

Enjoy a free entry to one of the Winelands Cycle Tour with a City Pass