Stay connected with your family & friends while exploring the beautiful sights of Cape Town & South Africa. Whether you’re admiring the breath-taking ocean view from Camps Bay beach or capturing the wildlife along the iconic Garden Route, instantly share your experiences with your loved ones and the world. As a foreign tourist you will pay the exact same Voice & Data rates as a local, so stay connected with South Africa’s Best Network*.

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Vodacom is South Africa’s largest Mobile Network Provider offering millions of customers a world class network with 99.78% 3G coverage & and 80.12% 4G coverage across South Africa.

Vodacom has partnered with Cape Town Tourism as the Preferred Mobile Network Provider to make connectivity in the city quick and convenient. You can now get connected with a local Prepaid Sim card at any Cape Town Tourism Visitor Centre or through one of many Tourism Industry Members. You can also purchase your prepaid sim cards at any Vodacom Shop and selected retailers across Cape Town. With a Vodacom Prepaid Sim Card you can be assured of a cost effective solution to stay connected while travelling in South Africa.

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RICA is a law that requires all SIM card users to register their personal information against their cellphone numbers. New Starter Packs cannot be activated if they have not been RICA’d.

As a foreign visitor to South Africa, you will need the following to register your new starter pack.

  • Your Passport
  • Accommodation booking confirmation or proof of accommodation whilst visiting the country

The legislation helps law enforcement agencies track criminals who are using mobile phones for illegal activities.

International Calling

Say hello to friends and family worldwide from as little as 89c per minute

Call more than 95 countries directly from your mobile phone, using International Calling or International Calling Plus. Visit our website to view the call rates for your home country:


Data Bundle Rates

Avoid expensive data roaming charges and stay online with Vodacom’s affordable data bundles.

Visit our website to view current prepaid data rates:



Be sure to share your South African experience with SA’s Best Network*

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