Great White Shark Tours

Great White Shark Tours’ legendary owner, Brian McFarlane, has developed an uncanny ability to attract the white sharks close to his custom-built shark cage diving vessel, Apex Predator.  The company also has an unblemished safety record spanning an incredible 20 years. So you’re in good hands!

Visitors can enjoy a non-fatty, continental breakfast which is included in the tour, before embarking on a round trip of around four to five hours to Dyer Island or the area where the last great white shark sightings were observed.  You will definitely be able to take a few snaps of these incredible creatures before taking the plunge and hopping into the extremely secure cage, giving you an unforgettably surreal experience.



  • 20 year safety record and only six non-sighting days in the past decade
  • Founded and owned by shark legend Brian McFarlane
  • Most highly recommended shark cage operator by Lonely Planet 
  • Operates with one of the industry’s best custom-built boat


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