Athlone in Cape Town is a cultural hub made up of a number of vibrant arts, culture, and memorial areas that form a centre for the culturally diverse community of the Cape Flats.

Pocket-Friendly Athlone

In the sixth episode of the Pocket-Friendly Challenge, Zintle and the twins, Sifiso and Sibusiso, head to Athlone to try out the area’s legendary street food. You haven’t truly visited Cape Town until you’ve had a Gatsby or tried the original Wembley Whopper.

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Distance from Cape Town CBD: 11km (Around 14 minutes)

Where to shop

Vangate Mall

There are many small home industries that serve the local communities and a bustling commercial centre along Klipfontein Road with plenty of shops and services. If you are looking for a place to shop for monthly groceries, a great option in the area is Vangate Mall.


Wembley Roadhouse

The Wembley Roadhouse is an institution. Situated in Belgravia Road, Athlone – Wembley Roadhouse has been around for decades and is known for its legendary Wembley Whopper, hotdogs and an impressive menu of lekker fast foods.

Super Fisheries – The inventor of the Gatsby

Head towards Old Klipfontein Road (close to the train station) to visit Super Fisheries, the fast foods restaurant where the Gatsby was invented. To this day, the shop gets 5-star reviews from happy customers on Google.

There are also many other legendary local food joints in the area, such as Golden Plate Take Aways, and Aneesa’s.


Eoan Group School of Performing Arts

Dedicated to providing performing arts and theatre training in ballet, modern contemporary dance, hip-hop and belly dancing, drama and music; the Eoan Group School of Performing Arts has its theatre, The Joseph Stone Auditorium, in Klipfontein Road.

Athlone Stadium

Football is the number one sport in the area. The landmark Athlone Stadium is the home ground of Santos Cape Town. The stadium underwent extensive upgrades for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ as it served as one of the main training venues in Cape Town.

Where to explore

Athlone is mainly residential; however, it includes industrial and commercial zones, namely Athlone CBD and Gatesville. Sub-areas include Manenberg, Gatesville, Rylands, Belgravia Estate, Bridgetown, Crawford and Hazendal. It is a culturally diverse area although it is predominantly home to Coloured communities, many of whom follow the Muslim faith.