Your Complete Guide to the Netball World Cup 2023

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Explore Cape Town – With just a few days to go, excitement is reaching fever pitch as the Netball World Cup 2023 kicks off (or rather the first centre pass is thrown) right here in Cape Town.

This is the first time in the history of the tournament (since the initial world cup championship was held back in 1963) that the Netball World Cup will be held on the African continent, and the Mother City has the honourable privilege of hosting this momentous occasion. The Netball World Cup (NWC), previously known as the World Netball Championships, brings together the world’s top 16 teams, competing for the coveted NWC trophy.

The first stage of the tournament starts on 28 July 2023, and sees teams in four pools compete in a round-robin format – which means teams are eliminated after a certain number of losses.

The final showdown will be held on 6 August 2023, where the two best teams go head-to-head to be crowned the Netball World Cup champions.

The 16 teams on their way to Cape Town to compete in the event are South Africa, Australia, Barbados, England, Fiji, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Wales, Zimbabwe.

Don’t miss a single pass, block, or goal with our complete guide to the Netball World Cup 2023.

Netball World Cup 2023 - Explore Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

Game schedules

Need to know who plays when?

Visit the link below to find out more about match schedules and pool games.

Match venue

The NWC2023 takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 28th July to 6 August 2023, with 16 teams from across the globe all vying for top honours.

All games take place at CTICC Arena 1 and CTICC Arena 2. If you’re using your own transport, it’s recommended you park at P1, P3, P5.


Tickets are available in the following categories:

Gold – seating along the sidelines.

Silver – seating directly behind the goals.

Bronze – seating behind the goals, further from the court than the silver blocks.

You can buy your tickets through the official Netball World Cup 2023 website.

Netball World Cup 2023 - Explore Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

How it works:

Step 1

To make a booking, please register a user profile. Click on this link for more information:

Step 2

Once you have successfully registered, you can make your ticket booking by following this link:

Important information:

As a fraud prevention measure, you will need the following for ticket purchases:

  1. Name, surname and valid ID or passport number for each individual ticket purchase.
  2. Maximum of 6 tickets per purchase.
  3. If you would like to purchase more than 6 tickets, please
  4. Under your profile, you will be able to transfer a ticket to someone else, but you will need their valid SA ID/passport number to transfer the ticket to them.

Price: Adult from R700; Junior from R500

Fan parks

The city will be setting up a fan park outside the CTICC venue. Netball fans can watch matches on a big screen, enjoy live entertainment, play games and enjoy a family environment for the duration of the Netball World Cup.

Event contact information

Location: CTICC 1 Convention Square, 1 Lower Long St, Cape Town
                CTICC 2 Corner of Heerengracht, and Rua Bartholomeu Dias, Foreshore



Netball World Cup 2023 - Explore Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

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