We are worth waiting for!

Cape Town Tourism has launched a new campaign with the theme “We Are Worth Waiting For!” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The main message around this campaign is that until the time comes to explore the beautiful city, Cape Town will seduce and nurture a long-distance relationship with visitors, both encouraging them to be loved from a distance and creating hope and longing around being reunited when its safe to do so.

Alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Tourism says, “Tourism is an economic lifeline for many small to medium sized businesses in Cape Town and accounts for thousands of jobs in our city. The City, in partnership with Cape Town Tourism, will continue investing in programmes and campaigns to drive demand and keep the city top of mind, which is the main objective at this point. I am very proud of the efforts that Cape Town Tourism have taken to launch such a meaningful campaign, bearing a very warm message of hope and positivity at such a challenging time.”

“As the official destination marketing organisation for the City of Cape Town, Cape Town Tourism are aiming to get potential visitors excited about visiting Cape Town again,” says Alderman James Vos. “You know those feelings of anticipation that come with waiting for something big, something important? Or that excitement you feel when you’re planning to see a loved one after a long time of not having been together? That’s the feeling that we are aiming to build here because, let’s be honest, all the beauty of our city, from our people to our sites and even our authentic experiences, are worth waiting for.”

And because distance means so little, when a city means so much, here are the efforts Cape Town Tourism will go through to keep the long-distance relationship going:

To remind you of the love at first sight

The beauty of Cape Town that you fell head over heels for is resetting and you’ll find her well-rested and happy once you get back. To remind you of this, “Postcards from Cape Town” will be posted across Love Cape Town’s digital platforms, showing off the city’s natural beauty.

The city is opening up about herself

Cape Town wants to use this quiet time for visitors to “get to know” her better. By sharing her past, she hopes you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse people and cultures. So expect some notable moments of important, unique and interesting historical facts shared across the social media channels.

Love Cape Town vision board

Visitors get to save some of their best moments and recreate it with a vision board. Cape Town Tourism’s official website, Love Cape Town, will share “pinable” images so that visitors can save all the future travel inspiration on Pinterest.

“We are worth waiting for!” video

A campaign video has been produced which will be shared across digital platforms. This video will remind you of the emotion felt when experiencing the beauty of The Mother City.

Download the video here.

“With this campaign, we are reminding potential visitors what Cape Town has to offer and everything that visitors have to look forward to. You may not be able to dive into our oceans right now or laze on our shores. You can’t explore our wine farms or eat at our award-winning restaurants or be face-to-face with our locals, but we want you to know that we are still thinking about you and when the time is right, we’ll be here ready to welcome you in true Cape Town style,” says Enver Duminy, CEO of Cape Town Tourism.

“The local tourism industry has taken a big knock as a result of COVID-19 and one thing is clear, tourism is and will remain a key industry in our City and its central to our economic recovery. It’s campaigns such as, “We Are Worth Waiting For!” that will ensure once this is over, we are as resilient as possible to restore our jobs and any unemployment fall-out that has occurred during this time,” says Alderman James Vos.

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Cape Town Tourism is the city of Cape Town's official Regional Tourism Organisation, responsible for tourism marketing, visitor and industry services.

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