Useful information when visiting Cape Town

One of the most desirable destinations in the world, Cape Town offers iconic attractions, memorable connections with friendly locals in our variety of neighbourhoods, and a selection of unique experiences, 365 days of the year.

Rich in history and natural beauty, Cape Town is a melting pot of cultures and as such offers her visitors tastes, sounds and feelings that can be found nowhere else in the world. As a world-class tourist destination, visitors can enjoy a vast array of attractions and experiences ranging from award-winning wine tastings, outdoor and adventure activities, local arts and culture, and cosmopolitan cuisine.


South Africa has 11 official languages but English is understood in most urban areas and is the dominant language in government and the media.


South African Rand (ZAR).


Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, traditional African religions and Judaism.


November to February is Cape Town’s busiest time.

World-class Infrastructure

Well developed road and rail networks.

World-class Technology

Wi-Fi widely available.

International Dialling Code

+ 27 (South Africa)


220/230V AC system and plugs have three round prongs


South Africans drive on the left side of the road. Any driver’s licence is accepted, provided it bears the photograph and signature of the holder and is printed in English.


Medical facilities in South Africa are, in general, of a high standard, particularly private hospitals and clinics, as well as some of the large state hospitals in urban areas

Travelling with children

From 01 June 2015, all children under the age of 18 leaving and entering South Africa are required to have an unabridged birth certificate to accompany their passport. If the child is travelling with only one of their parents, the parent will also be required to provide an affidavit or court order stating that they have permission to travel with their child (should one of the parents be deceased a death certificate must be produced). For unaccompanied children, please contact your local South African Consulate General for full requirements.


One of the many attractions of Cape Town is the quality and variety of restaurants offering a wide variety of international fare, local Cape Malay dishes and traditional African cuisine, while seafood is also extremely popular. The nearby Cape Winelands also ensure that restaurants offer a great selection of award-winning wines on the menus.

About Us

Cape Town Tourism is the city of Cape Town's official Regional Tourism Organisation, responsible for tourism marketing, visitor and industry services.

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