The Best Gyms in Cape Town


Updated September 2023

Spring is on the horizon and summer is not far behind. It’s time to shed the winter layers and avoid the ‘spring-rolls’ by hitting the gym! Hit the weights, fire up the treadmill or put on the gloves, here are some of the Mother City’s top places to train.


How do you know that somebody does CrossFit? They will tell you. Another way of knowing is that they’re probably built like the Hulk. CrossFit is not just a gym, it’s a fitness regime and a lifestyle choice. The bulk of CrossFit workouts focus on exercises that exploit the full range of movements, utilising weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning.

They are brutal and effective, and the results can’t be argued with. If you’re looking for a gym that really lives the CrossFit lifestyle, the flagship in the CBD is your best bet with owner Jobst one of the best in the business.


Virgin Active

The largest gym franchise in the country, Virgin Active has a number of branches in the Mother City. The gyms vary according to size, but all offer a wide range of activities, ranging from classes, swimming and squash facilities. Virgin Active is also kid friendly with junior care available and even party options.


Planet Fitness

It may be smaller than Virgin, but Planet Fitness is well established in Cape Town since its launch in 1995 and has a number of branches to choose from in the Mother City. Planet Fitness pushes an ethos of balance and harmony between body, mind and soul, boasting world-class facilities and innovative classes with an emphasis on enjoyment.


Stature CT

At Stature, the focus is very much on the personal touch. Their group-based training focuses heavily on technique and pushing you out of the comfort zone with pre-planned six-week cycles stimulating muscle activation and functional movements. Run by a passionate team that is totally invested in their clients, you are in good hands at this newish gym in the CBD.


Woman lifting weights

Roark Gym

Another gym that is focused on functional training, Roark began as a gym for guys, but has since opened up a women’s gym as well. Offering two classes in the morning and two in the evening, Roark mixes machines, weights and a variety of movements to produce results. The brainchild of local boy James White, the classes last 60 minutes, but when you’re in them, it’s bound to feel longer… things can get dark, but it’s well worth it!


Armoury Boxing

This isn’t Taebo or Boxfit, this is proper old-school boxing. That means pounding the pads, hammering the bags, hardcore core work and plenty of cardio. You will hurt, you will beg for it all to stop, but you will be back the next day ready for more. Easily one of the most beneficial fitness regimes you can undertake and Armoury is arguably the best place to find it.


Sports Science Institute

The residence of some of the finest minds in the country, the Sports Science Institute is also responsible for keeping some of the country’s top athletes in peak condition, so you can be sure to find only the best in training facilities here. The equipment is world class, the trainers highly-qualified and the results – if you are committed – second to none.



If you’re looking for a brutal workout, Sweat1000 is for you. S.W.E.A.T. stands for Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training with the 1000 representing the calories you will burn during the one hour workout. Combining interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training, and agility training, instructors put you through a rigorous hour leaving you broken, but beaming at the end of it all.


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