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Cape Town Tourism Guide

Cape Town Tourism Guide – Newlands, located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, is a vibrant and leafy suburb that offers many exciting outdoor activities in nature. It is also home to one of the oldest breweries in South Africa and is well renowned for its sporting events and artisanal eateries. The best part is that you can enjoy all this excitement without having to break the bank.

Newlands is a great destination for budget-conscious travellers looking to experience the beauty and excitement of Cape Town. From outdoor activities and artisanal eateries to beer tastings and cricket matches – there is something for everyone in this vibrant suburb.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Explore one of Cape Town’s most beloved attractions as you take in the scenery of the indigenous flora and fauna. The Boomslang Canopy walking trail is a must-visit with its awe-inspiring views. And if you need to rest, why not find a picnic spot in the garden, and have a meal with a view?

Location: Rhodes Dr, Newlands
Price: From R40 upwards
Contact: Call 021 799 8783 or visit

Cape Town Tourism Guide - Newlands - Cape Town Tourism

Newlands Forest

Newlands Forest is one of the only hiking trails in Cape Town where you don’t have to climb a mountain. The paths are straight, and you’ll receive plenty of shade from all the trees. The forest boasts a range of walking trails to suit all levels of fitness. There are also picnic areas and braai facilities on offer, making it the perfect destination for a family day out!

Location: Table Mountain National Park, Newlands
Price: Free entry
Contact: Call 021 712 0527 or visit

Newlands Forrest - Cape Town Tourism Guide - Newlands - Cape Town Tourism

Newlands Swimming Pools

Take a dip any time of the year at Newlands Swimming Pools. This amazing poolside venue is open to the public all year round and is absolute fun for just about anyone. There is a kiddie’s pool, a main pool and a diving pool for the adrenaline junkies.

Location: Sans Souci Rd, Newlands
Price: R19 to R33
Contact: Call 021 444 2829 or visit

Go see a Cricket Match

Newlands is renowned for the Newlands Cricket Ground which hosts cricket matches during the season. The grounds feature scenic views of Table Mountain and the lush green lawns. If you’re into cricket, you’ll want to drop by to support your favourite team.

Location: 146 Campground Rd, Newlands
Price: From R100 upwards
Contact: Call 021 657 2000 or visit

Newlands Cricket Stadium - Cape Town Tourism Guide - Newlands - Cape Town Tourism

Beer Experience Tour

Get ready to indulge in the finest beer South Africa has to offer! Newlands Brewery, established in 1820, proudly holds the title of the oldest operating brewery in the country. With the Beer Experience Tour, you’ll get to see how beer is made from its beginning as a grain, to its end as an ice-cold treasure. The best part is that you’ll get to taste some of the beers during the tour.

Location: 3 Main Rd, Newlands  
Price: R150 per person
Contact: Call 021 658 7440 or visit

Cape Town Tourism Guide - Newlands - Cape Town Tourism

Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream

Looking for some amazing artisanal goodness? Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream makes some of the best artisanal ice creams around. They churn their ice cream right on sight with some of the best ingredients. Their roasted cherry & dark chocolate flavour is a sensory experience for your tastebuds. Their salted caramel and double dark chocolate are other signature flavours to enjoy as well.

Location: 6 Cardiff Castle, Main St, Newlands
Price: From R32
Contact: Call 081 481 6715 or visit

Shift Espresso

Shift Espresso is the perfect spot for all coffee lovers. Their wide variety of artisanal coffee blends will please long-time fans looking to spice things up. Their Italian Plumber for instance boasts a double shot of expresso, vanilla ice cream and Nutella. The restaurant’s cosy atmosphere and wide selection of snacks and sumptuous meals will also keep you coming back for more.

Location: 6 Thicket Street, Newlands
Price: From R22 upwards
Contact: Call 079 411 6316 or visit

Cape Town Tourism Guide - Newlands - Cape Town Tourism


Pastas, pizzas, poultry, risotto, and many sweet treats – Basilico is the perfect spot to satisfy your Italian food craving. Their pasta is mouth-watering, and their pizzas are deliciously wood-fired. And let’s not forget their sweet and satisfying desserts: a crème brulee served with biscotti or a creamy tiramisu.

Location: 32 Kildare Rd, Newlands
Price: From R60 upwards
Contact: Call 021 6835989 or visit

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