Now it’s easy to keep track of your luggage

Vodacom’s V-Bag Tracker is the perfect way to keep track of your suitcase or bag when you’re on the move. It’s great for safety-conscious and absentminded travellers alike.

What is V-Bag Tracker?

The V-bag Tracker is a lightweight device that can be attached to your bag or placed into it so that you can always keep track of where it is. V-Bag Tracker is connected to an app the V by Vodafone app on your smartphone so that you know where it is at all times.

The package comes with the Alcatel MOVETRACK GPS tracker, a V-Sim, a charging cable, a bright blue silicon clip casing and a mini-screwdriver. The bright blue silicon clip casing also adds to making it super easy to identify your bag.

The GPS tracker has a four-day battery life. The device is water-, dust- and shock-resistant while being compact and functional. It weighs only 33g and 4.20cm-squared so it adds no extra bulk to your journey.

Keep track of your bag with Vodacom's V-Bag Tracker. (Image: Aqeelah Harron Ally))
Keep track of your bag with Vodacom’s V-Bag Tracker. (Image: Fashion Breed supplied by Vodacom)

Another great feature is the ability to set your Safe Zone. Choose the parameters for the vicinity that you wish your bag to stay in. If your bag crosses any boundaries or leaves areas with Vodacom coverage or GPS signal, your smartphone will instantly alert you.

Vodacom also offers a V-Sim Price Promise, which you can read about here.

How to use the V-Bag Tracker

It’s super easy to use: Either clip the device straight onto your bag or place it into your bag to track your bag’s location on your smartphone.

To use all you have to do is:

  1. Download the V by Vodafone app.
  2. Scan V-Sim to activate your service.
  3. Download the MOVETRACK app and follow the instructions.
  4. Activate your Alcatel MOVETRACK GPS tracker in the MOVETRACK app.

Header photo credit: Fashion Breed, supplied by Vodacom

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