Neighbourhood Guide to Wynberg

Wynberg is certainly one of the most interesting areas in Cape Town. It is home to one of the oldest schools in the country (Wynberg Boys), with its beautiful grounds stretching across the area, and has a torrid history of contested space – visually and economically evident today in the stark differences between the colonial-style buildings in the western side of Chelsea Village and the bustling streets around the Main Road. Exploring this diverse area and its offerings is a sure-fire way to obtain a deeper understanding of the city of Cape Town and its history.

Below we’ve compiled a list of sights and eateries to truly absorb the timeless culture of Wynberg.

Maynardville Park

Maynardville was originally known as ‘Maynard Villa’ after the Maynard family who owned it under the administration of the Dutch East India Company. It later passed to the City of Cape Town who turned it into a public park. Today it is an idyllic green space with children’s playgrounds, vibrant birdlife, and a wealth of diverse flora.

The highlight of Maynardville, however, is the open-air theatre that has long hosted various Shakespearean productions (a different one every year since 1956) on the warm summer nights. This has evolved into the Maynardville Open-Air Festival which features a variety of performances (including the signature Shakespearean play) as well as a food market and full line-up of cultural events.

Price: The park is free to enter while tickets to the open-air festival start at R162.
Address: Piers Road, Wynberg, Cape Town

Chart Farm

The Chart Farm consists of 12 hectares of picturesque land offering one of the more unique activities available in Cape Town, which is rose picking. With its spectacular views and gardens, the Chart Farm is not only a wonderful pick for photoshoots, it offers a tranquil day out where visitors can relax at the café after spending some time picking roses or horseback riding.

Price: R8 per stem or you can purchase ready-picked roses at R10 per stem.
Address: 1A Klaasens Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town

Wynberg Park

A popular site among locals for braais and picnics, Wynberg Park dates all the way back to 1902. The stretch of gardens seems endless and is complete with a duck pond, children’s play area, and designated braai spots, perfect for the large, jovial groups of families and friends you’re bound to see scattered throughout the park on the weekends. While there, don’t forget to look out for the hydrangeas blooming in the summer months.

Price: Free
Address: 58 avenue Cnr Klaassens and, Trovato Link Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town

Where to Eat

Four and Twenty

Opened in 2013, Four and Twenty fast became a local favourite known for its cosy atmosphere and delicious breakfast options. Situated in the leafy Chelsea Village directly opposite Wynberg Park, the café uses locally produced, seasonal ingredients and the care that goes into every dish is apparent. Special mention goes to the variations of eggs benedict on offer as well some superb pastries and baked goods.

Address: 23 Wolfe St, Wynberg, Cape Town



Sabria’s is a fully-halaal gem in the heart of Wynberg offering Cape Malay and Indian-inspired grills and seafood dishes. This family-owned restaurant is a popular choice given their friendly service, welcoming atmosphere and the tastefully decorated space. 

Address: 119 Ottery Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town



Aneesa’s is an institution in the area and has been around for longer than most Capetonians can remember. They are well known for their viennas and chips parcels and gatsbys which are synonymous with Cape Town local dining. There’s not much place to sit down at Aneesa’s but it’s well worth the trip to grab your food and have it elsewhere, preferably somewhere with a view, in true local fashion.

Address: 86 Ottery Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a quaint little breakfast place tucked away in, you guessed it, Penny Lane. It is managed by the owner and certainly has its regulars and for good reason. Penny Lane’s patrons remain loyal for the exceptional service and the worthwhile breakfasts. However, don’t forget to ask about their lunch specials, you’ll surely be in for a treat.

Address: 4 Penny Lane, Wynberg, Cape Town

Other fast-food joints in Wynberg worth checking out

Bibis Kitchen:
Cosy Corner:

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