iVenture City Pass

iVenture Card packages have been proudly developed by iVenture Card International. Our focus is on the development and promotion of travel experience products for many of the world’s most popular destinations.

Cash Free Entry

You simply present and swipe your card at the entry point and your entry is free. With loads of famous attractions to choose from you can’t go wrong. What’s more, there’s no need to keep track of your spending, because your package is all paid for upfront. So, no cash is required.

With attractions and activities across the city, you choose where you want to start and finish. You customise your itinerary to suit your own interests and travel schedule. And there is no chance of you missing any attractions. Every iVenture Card comes with an easy-reference guide with attractions maps that highlight everything you’ll want to see and do.

Buy your iVenture Card now

iVenture Card packages offer the best travel deals with up to 50% savings on admission fees for visitor attractions and things to see in key destinations around the world.

Every all-inclusive package offers great travel deals whether you’re travelling alone, as a family or a group. Not only do you get free entry to all the attractions, you’ll also have access to special discounts and freebies at select restaurants and other related travel experiences so you can save even more. Plus because you can buy your iVenture Card in advance and have no further admission fees to pay, it’s a great way to manage your travel budget! Whether you’re interested in thrill rides, day cruises, guided tours, theme parks, museums, wildlife or discovering the local heritage and indigenous people, your iVenture Card package has it all! Every package comes with an easy reference guide to help you pick and choose what you want to do and when. Your guide also includes a user-friendly attraction map to make getting around even easier. And the more you see, the more you save!

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