Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport – Africa’s first carbon-neutral hotel

Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport was the first hotel (since 2014) in Africa to offer 100% offset carbon-neutral accommodation and conferencing making them “green” leaders in the tourism industry.

Through a holistic design process with sustainability at its core, Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport is not only a sustainable building, but also boasts green principles, processes and measures to ensure all operations are eco-friendly.

Apart from the various features such as energy efficiency, water saving and a war on waste, the hotel also has a striking eco-pool (a guest favourite) which is visible when walking through the wetlands.

Some of the features at Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport include:

1. Energy efficient

· LED low-watt lighting

· Sophisticated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system to reduce energy consumption

· Renewable energy generation

2. Sustainable Design

· During design and construction, the project has followed the criteria of the Green Building Council of South Africa and is pursuing 5-star certification

· Regenerative drive elevators

· Responsibly sourced, recycled and eco-friendly furniture and products used where feasible

3. Water Saving

· Grey water recycling systems installed

· Recycling greywater from showers for use in toilet cisterns

4. War on Waste

· All waste sorted on site and where possible, recycled.

5. Green Conference

· Venues have separate bins for items that can be recycled

· Eco-friendly stationery, recycled paper, carbon-neutral printer

· Energy-efficient air-conditioning, lighting and technology

In addition Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport also has their own in-house currency called Verdinos. Verdinos reward you for being involved in the hotel’s sustainability and making green choices.

Visitors can earn Verdinos by using the stairs instead of the lift, correctly sorting waste in rooms, reusing towels, using the power-generating equipment in the gym and taking a walk or jogging around the wetland. You can spend your Verdinos to reduce your bill at the hotel restaurant and your accommodation costs.

Some of the sustainable In-Room initiatives include:

– Guests are encouraged to reuse towels

– Waste bins to separate recycling

– Responsibly sourced furniture and other products

– A greywater plant implemented for water treatment

– Grey water from showers recycled for use in the toilet cisterns

– LED low-watt lighting and a sophisticated heating, natural air ventilation and air-conditioning system to reduce energy consumption

– Double-glazed windows


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