Explore Intaka Island – A Sustainable Hidden Gem

Discover a new world at Intaka Island, an award-winning 16-hectare wetlands and bird sanctuary in Century City, the perfect place for the entire family.

Home to 212 species of indigenous fynbos plants and 120 bird species, Intaka is at the forefront of nature conservation and urban development co-existing in harmony.

Intaka, translating to “bird” in Xhosa, offers the perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation or to connect with nature. This affordable destination caters to birders, families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking respite from the urban hustle and bustle.

Educating Generations

Awarded Voluntary Conservation Status by Cape Nature in October 2006, Intaka prides itself on providing environmental education for both visitors and schools in Cape Town. The multi-functional Eco-Centre, which accommodates groups of up to 75 people, boasts an assembly area, educational activity center and conference facilities. The center aims to showcase sustainable living best practices that optimise energy and natural resources efficiencies. These include programmes like rainwater harvesting, black water treatment, an earthworm farm, composters, waste recycling, solar panels, wind turbine and a polywood amphitheatre.

Planning a Visit 

The attraction in Century City features a network of paths carefully laid out, enabling visitors to observe the island’s natural treasures and marvel at its wonders.

Explore the Wetlands and Ephemeral Pans sections, which collectively provide 11 stations, all of which play a pivotal role in the environment and wildlife.

Here’s everything you can see and do at Intaka Island on your next visit:

Self-guided Trails

Travellers can enjoy a self-guided walking trail that extends 2km or opt to go on a guided 45-minute nature trail. The guide will lead you along breathtaking paths while sharing the important history of the area and introducing you to some of its beloved characters.

Bird Watching

Explore the many stations to discover some of the city’s most popular birding species, including the red-knobbed Coot, red-eyed Dove, red-winged Starling, African Sacred Ibis, Cape Weaver, Cape Sparrow, and White-breasted Cormorant. There are two bird hides where you can watch and learn more about some of the bird, including Malachite kingfisher and heron species.

Malachite Kingfisher- Papendorf
Malachite Kingfisher- Papendorf

Boat Cruise

To learn more about the birdlife, canals, and Intaka Island’s conservation and research efforts, the attraction offers a boat cruise, which takes place every hour until 3.30pm. The boat ride takes you through the canals, allowing you to marvel at the ecosystem and the towering buildings of Century City. A tour guide will delve into the history and provide insightful tidbits as you journey along. The scenic boat ride lasts 45 minutes.

Breeding Heronry

The expansive wooded, man-made islands form a distinctive artificial heronry meticulously designed and developed at Intaka. They appeal to colonial breeders due to their natural-looking nesting spaces that are secure from predators and human interference.

Cape dwarf chameleon- Kirsten Frost
Cape dwarf chameleon- Kirsten Frost

Kids’ Club

Intaka Kids’ Club is tailored for Little Explorers aged 6 to 12 years. Kids will receive an Intaka Kids’ Club welcome pack, badge, membership certificate, subscription to the Intaka Kids’ Club newsletter, and special discounts applicable to entry fees, parties and more.

Important Information and Pricing

Entrance fees: Adults: R32; Children under 12: R21; Pensioner: R21; Learners: R18
Boat ride: Adults: R95; Children under 12: R85; Pensioner: R85

The boat ride includes entrance to Intaka Island.

Opening and Closing Times

October-April: Monday to Sunday: 8am-7pm
May-September: Monday to Sunday: 8am-5.30pm

Contact details: Call 021 552 6889, WhatsApp 083 321 9197, email or visit

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