Discover Cape Town’s Signature Yellow Frames

As the premier symbol of Cape Town, Table Mountain is a must see for visitors and locals alike. That’s why the City of Cape Town has placed huge yellow frames to view the natural wonder from every angle with a different experience at each frame. Visit Cape Town’s yellow frames for best vistas of the picturesque Mother City.

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These are our picks for the best panoramic shots of Cape Town as viewed through our strategically placed yellow frames.

1. A picture-perfect view from South Africa’s oldest working harbour.
Welcome to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront:

Welcome to the vibrant and bustling Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, situated in the oldest working harbour in South Africa and home to the very first yellow frame in the city! The symphony of sounds resonating from upbeat live local music performances, applauding crowds of captivated spectators, and the aromatic fusion of international and local cuisine add to this lively hub’s multisensory experience.

A stunning sight unfolds through the yellow frame facing the horizon where the magnificently distinctive-looking flat-topped mountain that is Table Mountain majestically towers over Cape Town. Further, you’ll catch a glimpse of the harbour, where boats gracefully sail, adding a touch of serenity to the scene. This picturesque view perfectly captures the essence of Cape Town’s diversity, a city nestled between the sparkling ocean and the majestic mountains.

yellow frames

2. One of the Mother City’s coolest cultural hubs.
Welcome to the Silo District:

Welcome to the contemporary and chic Silo District, home to the latest addition to the yellow frame collection based at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. From cutting-edge art to gourmet food and world-class shopping to fit every taste, the Mother City’s newest hub has plenty to offer.

Here, amidst modern architecture and urban sophistication, a unique perspective of the distinctive-looking flat-topped mountain that is Table Mountain awaits you. Positioning yourself in front of the frame reveals the magnificent mountain. But there’s more to see—the panoramic vista encompasses the bustling business district of Cape Town. The contrast of old and new, tradition and innovation, creates a captivating scene that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this ever-evolving city.

yellow frames

3. A panoramic view of mountains, the city, and the Atlantic Ocean.
Welcome to Signal Hill:

Very few vantage points in the Mother City come close to what you’ll experience from Signal Hill. If you arrive just before noon, you’ll have the pleasure of hearing the unmistakable loud bang of Cape Town’s oldest tradition. Every day at that time, a cannon is fired on the slopes of Signal Hill, just as it has been doing for the past 224 years. The locals call this the Noon Gun. The sound is so loud that, on a windless day, it echoes as far as Bloubergstrand, just over 20km away.

As you ascend this enchanting hill, excitement fills the air. Suddenly, the breathtaking panoramic view reveals itself. Behold the mighty flat-topped mountain that is Table Mountain, proudly watching over the City Bowl with unwavering magnificence. Take a moment to absorb the awe-inspiring view where the mountain range acts as a natural fortress, protecting the vibrant town. You’ll find spectacular views of Lion’s Head, fittingly named for its shape, which resembles a crouching lion or a sphinx. For an unforgettable experience, visit at the end of the day, allowing the warm hues of a mesmerising sunset to paint the sky during a captivating Cape Town evening.

4. Laid-back beachfront restaurants, bars, and hangout spots.
Welcome to Blouberg – Eden on the Bay:

Hold on to your hat if you’re visiting Blouberg on a windy day because you’ll confront gusts of wind that whistle, howl, and moan past your ears. These conditions are ideal for kite surfers gliding across the water and soaring in the sky at the beach.

Brave these conditions and you’ll be rewarded with mesmerising views of the distinctive-looking flat-topped mountain that is Table Mountain. This is where the distinct hills of the mountain range come into sharp focus, revealing their rugged beauty.

Right at the heart of this captivating sight, the yellow frame awaits, inviting you to capture the moment in all its glory. As you soak in the breathtaking view, consider spending the afternoon at Eden on the Bay, a bustling mall that offers a delightful blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Alternatively, embark on an adventure along the Western Coast, where hidden gems await your discovery.

5. A melting pot of rich cultures and deep-rooted history.
Welcome to District Six:

Step into the rich history of District Six, an area steeped in cultural significance and nostalgia for locals. As you approach the yellow frame, take cognizance and pay homage to those who came before us, who lived and thrived in the area, those who were dispossessed, and those who fought for restorative justice. Take a moment to appreciate the colourful surroundings, with the famous blue wall adorned with a striking portrait of Nelson Mandela. This artistic tribute adds a vibrant touch to the scene, symbolising the resilience and spirit of the community. As you frame your shot, make sure to include the iconic Table Mountain in the background, a timeless symbol of Cape Town’s charm.

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