A Down to Earth Experience Awaits in Somerset West

Cape Town will welcome a world-first attraction when EarthBox officially opens at Lourensford Wine Estate on 1 November, 2023.

EarthBox is an immersive installation designed to offer an engaging journey into the Earth. This one-of-a-kind experience is described as an ‘unprecedented attraction that combines artistry, ancient geology, and engineering.’ This project marks the debut of The Dream Commission, an international experiential studio dedicated to increasing the global reserve of creativity and curiosity by undertaking thrilling and unique one-time projects.

What is EarthBox?

According to Marina Busse, the founding partner and director of the Dream Commission, EarthBox is a space that invites people to reconnect with themselves through a physical, visceral, and sensory bodily response. It also encourages connections with others and prompts contemplation about where we’ve come from. “It’s an opportunity to literally go back to a time older than humankind and experience a space that existed long before any of the challenges we face in society today. A space that can help give us some perspective; maybe even remind us that we’re only here for a short while. In this space there is physical evidence of what has been millions of years before us, and what is likely still to be here millions of years after us,” Busse explained.

What to expect

Visitors are urged to allow 90 minutes for their entire visit, including 20 minutes in the EarthBox Main Chamber. A shuttle will transport you from the Lourensford Main Parking to the site. During the 5 minute drive, you can revel in the wine estate’s lush vineyards.

Open until May 1, 2024, visitors will descend into a 24-meter-long underground chamber, reaching depths of 5 meters below the surface, allowing them to stand just above ground that dates back 550 to 560 million years.

Raw earth walls and floors bring visitors into a close relationship with the textures, scent and gentle sensory experience of a silent world, providing a glimpse of deep time etched into the walls over millions of years.

The above-ground gardens, expertly designed by Franchesca Watson and landscaped by Heimo Schulzer, offer visitors a serene environment to enjoy before and after their EarthBox chamber experience.

The installation will also host many special events, experiences, and activations in collaboration with local creatives throughout its duration. Among these offerings is a chef series that features unforgettable dining experiences hosted by South Africa’s prominent and up-and-coming chefs, as well as a music and talk series. It is also available for private hire. As part of responsible tourism, this experience is wheelchair accessible.

Prices and contact information

Ticket prices start at R100. Each ticket allows visitors access to the EarthBox chamber and time to enjoy the tranquil landscaped spaces above ground. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the chamber.

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