5 Inspiring Food Gardens in Cape Town

Food gardens have become vibrant green spaces that reflect the City of Cape Town’s commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and a deep appreciation for nature. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these food gardens offer enriching experiences highlighting Cape Town’s botanical and culinary scene.

From the historic tales woven into the Company’s Garden (in the CBD), and sustainable practices championed by Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF), to a quaint eco food garden village and the bountiful grounds of Babylonstoren – these incredible spaces reflect the city’s commitment to holistic wellbeing.

A closer look at five of the Mother City’s most inspiring food gardens

The Company’s Garden

Nestled in the heart of Cape Town lies the historic Company’s Garden, a sanctuary of lush greenery and captivating stories. What started out as a practical vegetable garden in the 1650s, intended to supply fresh produce to passing ships, has evolved into a living museum of South African heritage.

This garden, adjacent to the South African National Gallery, the Iziko South African Museum, and the Houses of Parliament, exudes a sense of timelessness and serenity.

The Company’s Garden, with its inviting lawns, meandering tree-lined pathways, and vibrant flower beds, offers respite from the urban bustle. But it’s not just a picturesque oasis. The garden’s statues, monuments, and historic buildings serve as echoes of South Africa’s colonial past, inviting reflection and connection with history.

Location: 19 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
Opening and closing times: 7am—6pm
Call: 021 444 1901

Oranjezicht City Farm

Venturing beyond the city centre, you’ll discover the Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF), a beacon of sustainable urban agriculture and community involvement. Established in 2012, this initiative is more than just a farm — it’s a movement that champions sustainability through local produce, education, and a deeper connection with the earth.

OZCF boasts plots brimming with organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Guided by permaculture principles, which emphasise self-sustaining ecosystems, the farm practices what it preaches. Regular farmers’ markets at OZCF serve as vibrant hubs where visitors can purchase fresh produce, homemade goods, and artisanal products while promoting the consumption of local, seasonal, and organic foods.

Location: 87 Upper Orange St, Oranjezicht, Cape Town
Opening and closing times: Monday to Saturday 8am—2pm
Call: 083 508 1066

food garden

Oude Molen Food Garden Village

In the quaint corner of Cape Town, the Oude Molen Food Garden Village thrives as an embodiment of community spirit and sustainable living. Born from a single individual’s passion, this urban agricultural project has blossomed into an educational haven that empowers children, youth, and even psychiatric hospital clients.

Originally initiated by Jonno Kennedy in 2002, the village now carries on his legacy under the care of Kelly and Mariette. Together, they nurture the dream of a flourishing garden village that educates, heals, and cultivates a stronger connection with the earth.

Location: K1 Oude Molen Eco Village, Alexandra Road, Pinelands, Cape Town
Opening and closing times: Monday 8am—9pm; Wednesday 8am—5pm; Thursday 9am—12am; Friday 8am—5pm; Saturday 9am—2pm; Sunday 9am—1pm
Call: 082 411 1160

food garden


For a journey into history, nature, and a gastronomic adventure, look no further than Babylonstoren. This private historic Cape Dutch farm dates back to 1692 and has transformed into a timeless masterpiece. Situated in the Cape Winelands near Franschhoek, Babylonstoren seamlessly merges history, culture, and sustainability into an immersive experience.

The estate’s sprawling gardens, spanning acres of land, are a sight to behold. The gardens encompass a stunning array of plants, from fruits and vegetables to aromatic herbs. The design marries aesthetic beauty with practical functionality, aligning with Babylonstoren’s commitment to farm-to-table dining.

Babylonstoren’s culinary philosophy is grounded in sustainability. The produce cultivated within the food gardens finds its way onto the menus of the farm’s restaurants, creating a seamless connection between the earth and the plate.

Location: Klapmuts – Simondium Road, Simondium, Cape Town
Cost: R100 for adults, children enter for free.
Opening and closing times: 9am—5pm
Call: 021 863 3852

Soil for Life

Soil for Life emerges is a beacon of empowerment, health, and environmental stewardship. Since its inception in 2002, this public benefit organisation has been dedicated to teaching individuals in resource-poor communities how to cultivate their own food, improve their well-being, and safeguard the environment.

With over 7 600 lives transformed through education and sustainable practices, Soil for Life embodies the idea that a single seed can sow an entire future. From planter boxes to compost, they provide the tools and knowledge necessary for self-sufficiency. By fostering a deeper connection to the earth and one another, Soil for Life fosters resilience, community, and a greener, healthier tomorrow.

Location: Brounger Road, Sillery, Cape Town
Opening and closing times: Monday to Friday 9am—4pm; Saturday 9am—1pm
Call: 021 794 4982

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