10 experiences that’ll make your Cape Town holiday unique

Exploring Cape Town

Exploring Cape Town – From sunset cruises and visits to wine estates with bae, adrenaline rushes down dunes and underground tunnel tours, silent discos and insane coffee ceremonies… these holiday experiences will take your Cape Town vacation to the next level.

Hit up your crew and text them the deets of this monster mashup of experiences in Cape Town that high-key hit different.

Tour Spier’s vineyards on a Segway

Glide through 300-year-old vineyards on a pair of wheels from Segway Tours. Check out how Spier uses biodynamic farming methods to produce awesome wines. Or book a sweet twilight tour, cruising the property while watching a cool Cape sunset.

Location: R310, Stellenbosch
Price: From R420
Call: 021 809 1100

Soar above the city with Parapax

Dubbed the “second best thing you will ever do” by its founders, Parapax is the oldest tandem paragliding company in Africa. Drift lazily over the city while snapping epic shots for thegram (new profile pic guaranteed).

Location: Signal Hill Road, Signal Hill
Price: From R1650
Call: 082 881 4724  Visit:

unique experience - paragliding - Holiday - Exploring Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

Gear up for an epic sandboarding adventure

Grab your board and carve your way down the 50m high Atlantis sand dunes.

This half-day adventure takes you through all the basics of sandboarding, from how to stand up, to crushing shuvits, 180s and tailwhips.

Whether you’re a newbie or an OG, this is one adrenaline rush you should not miss!

Location: Atlantis Sand Dunes
Price: From R860
Call: 021 824 3387

Sandboarding on Holiday - Holiday - Exploring Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

Delve into an underground adventure

Discover hidden secret passageways under an old 1770s fort. Creep through tunnels and bunkers, and even enter a decommissioned ammunition chamber. Afterwards, hit the Sergeant’s Bar for a bevvy, and learn all about Secret Radar Stations, German U-boats and much more.

Location: Castle of Good Hope, Corner of Darling Street and Buitenkant Street, Cape Town
Price: Various
Call: 082 482 4006     

Roll back in time at Rollercade

Head over to Rollercade, one of Cape Town’s popular indoor roller-skating amusement parks. Cruise the floor like it’s the 80s, shoot a round of pool with your mates or drift over to the lounge for more chilled vibes.

Location: Battery Park, V&A Waterfront
Price: R150 for a 2-hour session including skates and safety gear rental.
R80 bring your own skates and R40 for spectators.
Call or WhatsApp: 072 064 3963 Visit:

Perfect holiday activity - Rollercade - Holiday - Exploring Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

Sshh its time to party

Enjoy maximum entertainment with zero noise pollution at Silent Events, SA’s original immersive headphone experience. Buy your ticket online then head over to the event with your squad. Grab a pair of Silent Disco headphones and tune into one of three DJs or other sound sources available. And because everything has built-in batteries, you can switch tunes on the fly even during basic blackouts!

Location: Various
Price: R150
Call: 0861 SILENT (745368)    
WhatsApp: 072 777 0717 Visit:

Explore urban creativity

From the windows to the walls, discover the slickest murals, installations and graffiti with Baz-Art guided tours. Stroll through the streets of Salt River, or move through the heart of the CBD, learning the history of each piece and the creative geniuses behind them.

Location: Salt River Guided Tour: Salt River Arcade, 374 Albert Road
City Centre Guided Tour: The Company’s Garden, Cape Town
Price: R450
Call: 072 877 4415 Visit:

Holiday - Exploring Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

Get fit with Saturday Salsa Workouts

Combining gym vibes with salsa rhythms, you bring the heat while the DJ delivers fire beats every Saturday at MOJO market. Rope in your besties for a heart pumping, hips swinging, calves flexing session, the perfect way to get the weekend mood going.

Location: 30 Regent Road, Sea Point
Price: Free
Contact: 074 170 0780 

Holiday - Exploring Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

Taste authentic African cuisine at Pahari

Pahari, “a place of pots” in the Shona language, serves divine African cuisine using traditional cooking methods. All dishes are based on Sadza (also known as Pap), served with different relishes like beef stew, ox trotters, tripe with offal and iconic mopane worms.

Location: 121 Cecil Rd, Salt River
Price: Various
Call: 078 107 1541

Dining Experience - Holiday - Exploring Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

Indulge in Senegalese flavours with Khadim’s coffee ceremony

Experience a taste of Touba at Khadim’s an authentic Senegalese coffee shop.

Treat yourself to the coffee ceremony, it’s a game changer. Picture this, coffee beans mixed with Guinea pepper, giving it an insane spicy and peppery flavour. Add traditional Senegalese dishes like sandwiches, cookies and couscous to complete your fearless foodie feast.

Location: Cape Town CBD
Price: R800
Call: 065 868 0072

Holiday - Exploring Cape Town - Cape Town Tourism

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