Mzoli's Place is a popular destination for hungry locals and visitors alike

Gugulethu – Another side of the city
Gugulethu is a colourful, vibrant and lively township on the outskirts of the city, home to many of the city’s working population.  A visit to the township is an unforgettable experience and a stark reminder of how life can need not be 5 star luxury to be friendly, welcoming and real.
“Gugs”, as Gugulethu is often called, originally named Nyanga West was established to help accommodate the many migrant workers who moved to Cape Town from the rural Transkei region in the Eastern Cape. It is 20km from the centre of Cape Town.

Welcome, one and all
The community here has embraced the tourism industry, and as such there is no shortage of restaurants, jazz clubs and B&Bs. Perhaps the most famous venue in Gugulethu is Mzoli’s Place, where you will find local and international visitors on any given day of the week. The delicious meat cooked on the open fire ensures that Mzoli’s always smells as good as food tastes.

Open doors, open hearts
Visit the township’s tourism centre, called Sivuyile, meaning “we are happy”, at the corner of NY1 and NY4. Take some time to wander around the arts and craft shop, which stocks the work of local artists and art students. There is a wide selection of sculptures, ceramics, beadwork, traditional clothing and textiles on offer.

Go with those in the know
The township is best visited as part of a guided tour, taking in all the sights and sounds. Most tours take visitors past the Gugulethu Seven Monument, built to commemorate the death of seven young black activists during the dark days of apartheid.

A guided tour with a difference, the Cape Town Jazz Safari run by Coffeebeans Routes, takes place in the evenings, is a wonderful way to experience Gugs.  This musical history will allow you to experience the very local tradition of jazz whilst also enjoying a drink at one of the township’s many shebeens.

You could also take a 40-minute guided walk through the houses (mostly built of roof sheeting) to experience the everyday life of the people of Gugulethu (inquire about this via Cape Town Tourism). Once you have worked up an appetite, you can stop off for lunch at one of the many braai (barbecue) hot spots and enjoy some local food.

  • Phone: +27 (0)21 637 8449
  • Physical Address: Corner NY1 and NY4

The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal is an events company specialising in Marriage Proposals, Wedding planning and romantic events, such as Anniversaries, renewal of vows and date nights.

Hope on Hopkins Distillery

Hope on Hopkins Distillery is a small artisanal distillery in Salt River, Cape Town.  Set up by two ex-lawyers who followed their hearts and turned their hands to distilling, they handcraft three gins and a small batch vodka, using natural carefully sourced ingredients

Martin Melck House

Martin Melck House is one of the oldest colonial homes in South Africa named after its first owner. Its history is intimately entwined with that of Cape Town itself.

Museum of Gems & Jewellery


This unique museum project takes visitors on a journey from when diamonds first began to form three billion years ago and their 150 km journey to the surface, following the unique path of South African diamonds from their origin in extinct volcanoes to the deposits along our coastline.  Learn about unique and rare gemstones, and see how jewellery has changed through thousands of years.  The story about South Africa’s mineral wealth is told, not only for diamonds, but also for our Platinum and Gold deposits.

Buyel'Embo Village

This cultural village aims to remind us of our origin and serves as the reservoir for African knowledge pertaining to nature and traditions, giving us an opportunity to celebrate who we are through music (wonderful sounds from live bands) or from its’ distinct fineness of cuisine, topped up with African (local) arts and crafts.


AnneMarie H.


I really enjoyed my time in Gugulethu. Everyone was very friendly, genuine, and welcoming. I went to Mzoli's and really enjoyed Gugulethu's atmosphere. It is a great place to submerge yourself within the African culture.

Caroline K.


Gugulethu is a great place. Everyone there is extremely friendly and will be so welcoming to you no matter where you are from. I would also recommend Mzoli's. It's a great atmosphere and a good place to embrace the culture.

Samuel C.


I had an amazing time in Gugulethu. Everyone I met was so warm and welcoming. I visited Mzoli Place and Skhoma Ny50 and had awesome experiences at both places.



I don't think but i know Mzoli's place Rocks!!!



I think Mzoli sucks, its dirty and not conducive for foreigners, the area needs to be cleaned up, you need a 5 star hotel in the area but you have a white government, that will not happened

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