Radisson Blu Waterfront’s Seared Tuna

Our restaurants and chefs can’t serve you at their premises right now, so while you wait to tuck into their delicious food, they’ve shared some of their best recipes that you can try at home. Once you taste it, you’ll see why we are worth waiting for.

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Norman Heath, Executive Chef at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, shared his recipe for Seared Tuna. Try making this delicious dish to get a taste of what you’ll experience when you visit our restaurants again.

Chef Norman Heath, Radisson Blu Waterfront

Watch the video and see the recipe below to try making it at home.

RECIPE: Seared Tuna


500g Tuna loin
20g Cajun spice (or spice mix of your choice)
20g sesame seeds. (I selected the white seed as they have a more of a nutty flavour, and perfect for this dish)
Half a cucumber, cut into strips or Julianne
Pickled ginger
20 Edamame beans
Ponzu sauce
Japanese Mayo
Olive oil
Salt for seasoning


Place cajun spice (or spice mix of your choice) into a dish, then add half your sesame seeds. Lightly coat the tuna in the spice and sesame mix.

Add a splash of olive oil to your pan and once your pan is hot add your tuna. Lightly sear the tuna, about 30 seconds a side. Our aim is to get the tuna golden brown and crispy on the outside. We don’t want to cook the inside; we want it medium rear with a pinkish colour. A tell-tale sign is to watch the sides of the tuna, you can see the searing on the outside and you can make the decision on how cooked you want your tuna.

Get a second pan ready, add the remainder of the sesame seeds to a cool pan and lightly toast them. Move the seeds around to ensure even toasted seeds.

Place the tuna aside to rest.

Add the edamame beans to a pan, you can use the same pan as the sesame seeds. Add a splash of olive oil to coat them, and a pinch of salt for seasoning, and allow them to warm up

Now to ensemble the dish

Slice the tuna with a sharp knife, in about 2cm slices.

Spoon the Japanese mayonnaise on the wider part of the plate and spread it. Place the tuna on the dish. Add the fresh cucumber salad next to the tuna and place the edamame beans over the plate. Add the pickled ginger and then sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds for extra nuttiness and crunch to the dish. Lastly dress the dish with Ponzu sauce which gives a citrus salty flavour that enhances to flavours of the dish.


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