Wine, safaris and amazing views with Jordan Wine Estate

I was looking for some romantic activities to do in Stellenbosch and one of the suggested activities was a wine safari with Jordan Wine Estate. And it turned out to be well worth the excitement.

The first thing I noticed about the estate when we got there was the tranquillity of it. You’re greeted with lush lawns and shady settings for wine tastings. There are families and friends gathered under trees and at tables having a great time.

For the wine safari, you book in advance and meet in the tasting room. From there you make your way to the 4×4 safari vehicle and you head into the vineyards. The slopes of Jordon face North, South, East and West – a unique feature on a wine farm. The vineyards also all lie at different altitudes above sea level and on the safari you discover that Jordan wine estate has the best of two worlds – amazing views of Stellenbosch and, just on the other side, stunning views of Cape Town.

Tourists Jordan Wine Estate

The safari takes you through and past all the different grape varieties and you learn about the rocks in the area and which ones lie in what vineyard and why each is significant to the area. You also learn about the estate and that the farm is over 300 years old. The current owners have been making wines here since 1993 and it’s paid off. Jordon wines have won a number of prestigious awards. Needless to say that, even though we tasted a few wines on the safari, once it was all done, we went straight to the tasting room to taste the rest.

While Jordan is great for a wine safari, wine tasting and relaxing on the lawns, there are also various places to grab something to eat as well as uniquely decorated suites to stay in. Jordon is open until 18h30 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so it also makes for a great sundowner spot. It’s more than just a wine farm. It’s a destination and it made for the perfect couple break away from the city.