Technology is a vital tool during the lockdown. Not only does it keep us connected, entertained and informed during this period of isolation, but it also will help with our community response when restrictions start to ease.

Here are three apps that have the potential to make easier, both during and after lockdown.

Lockdown Bozza

Confused by the lockdown levels? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Lockdown Bozza (boss) has you covered with a simple app that tells you exactly what you can and can’t do at each level. 

Every activity is assigned a traffic signal colour: red, orange or green, so you’re able to tell at a glance if it’s off-limits at the current level. You can also select by province and metro area—so when we get to a point where different parts of the country are at different levels you’ll be able to stay up to date. Access on mobile or desktop here.


The tracing of positive coronavirus cases and their contacts has become vital to fighting the disease.

One of the ideas for facilitating a smart response to infection clusters is a ‘Health Passport’ that will be scanned as you travel around the city. This is seen by many as the most effective way to open the economy while trying to limit the exponential spread of the virus.

With COVI-ID, the University of Cape Town partnered with two Cape Town-based Information Technology companies: The Delta Studio and Linum Labs to create an app that addresses South Africa’s unique situation.

It also addresses the privacy concerns that people have about downloading a tracking app by providing secure and encrypted usage—meaning that nobody will able to track you as an individual.

Because it’s relatively low-tech it’s useful for the South African market where not everybody has a smartphone. It relies on QR codes that are scanned at businesses. If a person tests positive it notifies everyone who may have been at the same location.

It also offers a valuable service for organisations by being able to track the amount of people coming through their doors, which will be crucial when businesses such as restaurants or gyms open back up, but are restricted to a limited amount of patrons. Download it here.


Coronadata is a new South African coronavirus dashboard that is unique in that it offers information in four languages: isiXhosa, isiZulu, Afrikaans and English. It has all the country’s COVID-19 data, including infections, recovery rate, mortality rate, and tests conducted. Check it out on desktop or mobile here.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily onslaught of numbers; lockdown levels, infections and damage to the economy, that it can be difficult to relax. Headspace has justifiably received a lot of media attention as one of the best meditation and relaxation apps out there.

It makes meditation accessible to everyone with daily exercises that are stripped of any mystical connotations. In a time when fear and anxiety are part of our daily lives, making time to relax is one of the most important things we can do. Read more and download it here.