The 10 best Muslim-friendly restaurants in Cape Town

Capetonians love their food and it is no secret that Cape Town is known as the culinary capital of South Africa with a list of both local and international awards and accolades confirming just that!

Muslim visitors to Cape Town, in addition to enjoying our iconic attractions, can experience local cuisine at its best by choosing to dine at either halal-certified restaurants or Muslim-friendly restaurants.

Here are 10 Muslim-friendly restaurants for visitors who wish to explore some additional dining options while in Cape Town.

Note: While our team called each restaurant on this list to confirm that they use best practices to cater for Muslim diners, we would advise you call ahead if unsure or if you have specific requirements.

Gold Restaurant

Enjoy opulent African cuisine guaranteed to tickle the tastebuds with an array of flavours from Morocco, Egypt, Tanzania, Namibia, and South Africa, to name just a few. The multi-sensory experience at Gold is perfect for a family or corporate outing where the dining is enriched with African hospitality and entertainment.


Quay Four

This iconic restaurant at the V&A Waterfront needs no introduction to locals and return visitors. It has been on the scene for many years and its outdoor terrace is a sought after venue for a light lunch served with a sea breeze. The restaurant upstairs is known for its elegant setting and delicious seafood platters.



Authentic Turkish dining since 1984 when Anatoli’s first opened its doors sees this restaurant firmly entrenched in the city’s food culture. Savour the tastes and texture of a mezze platter, a slow-roast lamb dish, a quince or apricot dessert—no better way to enjoy an evening out in Cape Town.



Dine in old warehouse setting at the Foundry, Green Point, where you can expect excellent service and a delectable menu. Beluga offers classic cuisine that Cape Town’s locals and visitors flock to. They have an extensive menu, including a fusion sushi menu, Dim Sum, prawns, oysters, truffle fillet and crispy chilli fish. Diners are spoilt for choice—it keeps them coming back for more.


Cape Town Comedy Club

Would you like your dinner with a bellyful of laughter? The Cape Town Comedy Club at the V&A Waterfront welcomes you to savour “Jou Ma se Gatsby”—a typically Cape Town dish—with a line-up of local and international comedians. This is where you’ll find unique, fun-filled dinner theatre.


Sloppy Sam

Sloppy Sam started in the 1930’s as a humble milk-bar, and now offers a menu influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. The restaurant is a Green Point landmark and still offers “slow food”. Nothing is rushed, and it’s all deliciously wholesome and very relaxed.


Belthazar Grill & Seafood Restaurant

Belthazar leaves no doubt about which city you’re in, when you sit on the terrace with a view of Table Mountain. This is one of Cape Town’s favourite restaurants and while some may come for the wine, the Belthazar meat and fish combo, the seared Norwegian salmon, or the wet-aged rump with a pepper crust are just three of the many succulent and mouth-watering dishes that can be enjoyed here.


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