Take an audio tour in Cape Town

Let your feet do the walking while Cape Town Audio Tours gives your useful information, folk tales and fables as they guide you through the neighbourhoods of Cape Town.

Audio Walking Tours are an affordable and fun way to explore the city. Narrated by locals, VoiceMap’s tours are accessible, with a focus on sharing stories and some insider secrets from different communities. All you need is a smartphone and to download the app and audio tour you desire. Pop in your headphones and let the GPS track you as you explore somewhere new at your own pace.Cape Point Steps

See Bo-Kaap through the eyes of a woman whose family has lived here for centuries, or experience the top of Table Mountain like never before on an audio walking tour filled with local insights. Go on a historic walk in Simon’s Town and hear about the legends of the Flying Dutchman at Cape Point. Cape Town is filled with stories, just waiting to be heard. Choose from over 40 local perspectives on a collection of Cape Town audio tours.

Here’s our top three must-try Audio Tours:

Muizenberg Like a Local: An Audio Tour – By Coleen van Staden

Duration: 40 minutes
Price: Free

Explore the village of Muizenberg through local eyes

“Welcome to what is unashamedly MY Muizenberg. My name is Coleen and I am going to take you on a walkabout through streets that are less travelled by visitors but are very familiar to the neighbourhood locals. I walk here almost daily, and I love this area! This walk takes you off the beaten path, to all the spots that Muizenbergers love. I know its curious little shops, studios and eateries intimately, but I’ll also guide you to all the iconic sights this humble village has to offer. So, step into the shoes of a seasoned local, and enjoy a relaxed seaside stroll!”

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Row of wooden brightly colored huts on Sunrise Beach. Atlantic ocean. Cape Town. Muizenberg. South Africa

Khayelitsha, Our Home: An Audio Tour – By Rachel Chitongo

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: R27.99

Walk through the vibrant, bustling centre of Cape Town’s largest township

“Khayelitsha means “Our New Home” – it was named that because, in 1985, tens of thousands of black South Africans were moved here by the government, to relieve overcrowding in other townships. My name is Rachel, and I am originally from Zimbabwe. Khayelitsha is a notorious haven for vice, squalor and crime. When I first came here, in 2014, I was curious and very cautious, but soon I warmed up to the heart and verve of the people of Khayelitsha. You see, to the bulk of Cape Town’s population, Khayelitsha is just… home. It is home to people that have dreams, hopes and aspirations just like anyone living anywhere. Today, I’ll tell you a bit about the lives of these men and women.”

Township braai Khayelitsha

Woodstock Street Art Audio Tour – By John Bartmann and Muhammed Sheik Rahiem

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: R27.99

Woodstock’s world-class street art through the eyes of a local artist

Woodstock’s street art is world-class. Meet local artist Muhammed Sheik Rahiem as he guides you through the streets, telling the story of Woodstock’s art for the last time, just days before tragically passing away in a fire. His passion for the area spans a lifetime, and his inspirational community-building work with both tourists and locals tenaciously conveys what it means to have a big heart in a rapidly changing area.

Woodstock streetart building

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