While we adjust to our new COVID-19 reality and get ready to travel again, these Cape Town hotels have put stringent safety measures in place without compromising that “holiday feeling”.

Entry into all hotels includes a mandatory temperature check as well as filling out a medical questionnaire. There’s an unwritten agreement that everyone plays their part to ensure their own and others’ safety. This includes wearing a mask in all common areas and keeping a physical distance between yourself and other guests. Every hotel has a luggage sanitising station and places hand sanitisers at access points for your convenience.

We visited these hotels to review their COVID-19 safety practices. We are happy to report you’re still guaranteed a good vacation. Go on and book that much-needed break away from home!

The President Hotel, Bantry Bay

Checking in 

The excitement for your mini-break begins before you even arrive at The President Hotel. They have taken a paperless approach to their checking in process, which means you fill out all your details, including uploading a copy of your ID or passport, ahead of your arrival. When you get to the hotel a warm welcome awaits and while your luggage is being sanitised, head to the check-in counter, where you simply confirm your booking. You’re then either given a room card or a virtual card will get sent to your phone via an app. The app allows you to unlock your room using your phone. All of this ensures minimal contact with surfaces to keep you safe.

President Hotel pool area. (Rizqua Barnes)

The room

As you make your way to your room you’ll find sanitising stations all over so there’s always an opportunity to clean up after touching something. Once you get to your room you’ll see it has been sealed so you know you’re entering a safe and clean environment. The rooms are spacious and we totally recommend getting one with a view of the ocean. The sounds of the waves will lull you to sleep. For peace of mind, the hotel will provide handwipes, a mask and a bottle of sanitiser for you to use during your stay.

Room at the President Hotel. (Rizqua Barnes)


The restaurants at The President are open. Temperature checks and signing in are mandatory as they are at every restaurant you visit. Enjoy your dinner at the pool area as the sun goes down. You also have the option of enjoying your breakfast and dinner in your room if it makes you feel safer. To make everything as paperless and contactless as possible, you order your meals via Whatsapp ahead of time.

Meal at the President Hotel. (Aneeqah Emeran)

Things to enjoy

You can book a spa treatment, take a dip in the infinity pool, and order a pizza from BASE restaurant. Your children can also enjoy the play area while you chill poolside.

Pool view from the restaurant at the President Hotel. (Aneeqah Emeran)

President Hotel play area for children. (Rizqua Barnes)

The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Camps Bay

Checking in

A 5-star welcome awaits you at Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa. Even in these precarious times, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight into luxury from the moment you arrive. At the front desk you’ll be asked to fill out your health questionnaire, which doesn’t take long at all. While you’re doing this, your bags are being sanitised so that when you’re done they’re ready to be take to your room.

Mountain and ocean views at Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa. (Aneeqah Emeran)

The room

The rooms are sanitised between guests and the “tour” of the room is done telephonically so that the guest and staff aren’t in contact with each other for too long. There’s a certificate on your bed stating the room and bed have been cleaned thoroughly for your peace of mind.

Superior room at the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa. (Aneeqah Emeran)


You have the option of booking breakfast and dinner at Azure or dining in-room and enjoying the views and privacy as you savour the delicious meals on offer.

The Leopard Bar and Lounge is open but booking is essential as afternoon tea is quite popular and spaces are limited.

Dinner at Twelve Apostles. (Aneeqah Emeran)

Things to enjoy

The hotel boasts its own movie theatre, hot and cold pools, a hiking trail, and a luxurious spa. Book a massage in one of the gazebos, which are nestled in the mountains and overlooks the ocean. Nothing could be more relaxing than that!

Massage therapists wear protective clothing at 12A Spa. (Aneeqah Emeran)

Southern Sun Cullinan Hotel, Cape Town City Centre

Checking in 

Upon arrival, the friendly doorman welcomes you inside. He asks to take your temperature and you’re then asked to sign in using a pen from the sanitised box. When you’re done, pop it into the used pen box. While you’re signing in and getting a temperature check, your bags are cleaned at the luggage station. The impressive lobby allows for adequate social distancing from other guests so you feel safe at all times.

Lobby at the Southern Sun Cullinan Hotel. (Aneeqah Emeran)


While things like the throw at the foot of the bed and scatter pillows have been removed from the rooms, it still maintains its elegance and comfort. Coffees and teas come in sealed packages. Should you require additional amenities to make your stay more comfortable you can request it.

Bedroom at Southern Sun Cullinan. (Aneeqah Emeran)


While the biggest change at most hotels is the buffet option no longer being available, Peach Tree at the Cullinan has managed to keep the hotel-feel of the breakfast area. Guests can still select their cold breakfast options from buffet-style station, but everything is packaged and sealed in trendy containers. Meanwhile, the hot buffet allows you to still get your eggs cooked the way you want it but it’s served to you by a chef behind a safety screen.

Breakfast at Southern Sun Cullinan.

Things to enjoy

Book a spa treatment at Mangwanani Spa or kick back and have drinks by the pool.

Pool area at Southern Sun Cullinan