There’s something about the ice rink. Whenever I go there, and it’s not very often at all, I feel genuinely happy in a very child-like way. It reminds me of my childhood and when my mom used to take my sister and me there. And I firmly believe that everyone should make a point of going at some point or another. Here’s why:

Ice Station at Grand West

1) It brings out your inner kid. Simply put on the skates and even if you don’t know how to skate, it’s great fun. Yes, you make a bit of a fool of yourself, but who cares, right?

2) The kids enjoy it. They really do. They’ve seen the Hollywood movies of ice hockey, figure skating and social ice skating. This will remind them of those fun movies and they will enjoy the unique activity. It also gets them away from the TV, computer, phone, tablets and all other devices that keep them occupied these days. For the younger and smaller children, there’s the mini rink.

3) It’s a great workout. Each session is two-and-a-half hours long so you’ll be out on the ice for quite a long time trying to get moving and once you’re moving you can’t stop. It’s good for cardio and great for your legs!

4) There are really cool events happening all the time. For example, there is often youth night where R45 gets you in, skates, ice time, a chip roll and a cool drink. There are also Radio DJs on the decks on some nights during the school holidays from 21h00 – 00h00 to entertain the teens as well as snowman building every Wednesday of the school holidays at 09h00.

5) It’s a unique activity. We’re always looking for something new and different to do. This is the perfect example of a unique family activity.

6) It’s located in Grand West Casino and Entertainment World. This means that parents can leave the older kids to skate while they go explore the gambling floor or grab a drink at Jackson Hall. Or families can have dinner before or after the ice skating at one of the many restaurants. There is also an arcade for the children (and the young-at-heart) to enjoy.

Take the kids to the ice rink. Or simply take yourself and some friends. It’s great even for adults. And go have a fun time. It’s really a unique experience that not too many get involved in.