Open Streets Cape Town

Open Streets Cape Town is a citizen-driven initiative hoping to change the way people see and use Cape Town’s public spaces. The idea is to close down a street temporarily so that it becomes car-free. It’s a chance for people to reclaim streets as a public space for walking, cycling, skating, playing, exploring, and socialising.

Take a look at our calendar for a full list of upcoming Cape Town events.

Open Streets Cape Town is inspired by the Colombian city of Bogotá’s Ciclovía events, where roads are closed down every Sunday and the city comes alive with cyclists, runners, and walkers. The Cape Town Open Streets Days create shared spaces that can help bridge social and spatial divides in Cape Town. They encourage people to think differently about how we move around the city. The dream is to build a network of temporary car-free streets that connect Cape Town on a regular basis. Open Streets Days have taken place in Langa, Observatory, Mitchells Plain, Bellville, and the City Bowl.

A group of volunteers founded the organisation in 2012, and they now have the full backing of the City of Cape Town and an army of enthusiastic volunteers, residents, and friends!

Open Streets Cape Town
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What to expect

Open Street’s family-friendly events close roads to motorised vehicles. Instead, the streets become an open space for pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, wheelchair users and other non-motorised transport users to move in safety. Expect food stalls, installations, music, street performers, games, yoga, dancing, and more! Open Streets is free and the organisers encourage everyone to participate and help plan the day.

Upcoming Open Streets Cape Town Events

Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming Open Streets days during your visit to Cape Town. The organisation is also running monthly campaigns aimed at opening the city up to marginalised groups. They also encourage citizens to use low carbon transport when moving around the city by cycling to work.

Get Involved

You can visit the Open Streets Cape Town website to learn more about their initiatives, but the best way to really learn what they’re all about is to come along to an Open Streets event and experience one yourself!

About Us

Cape Town Tourism is the city of Cape Town's official Regional Tourism Organisation, responsible for tourism marketing, visitor and industry services.

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