Zapper Marketing

Zapper enables you to easily accept mobile payments, understand your customers better and introduce digital rewards programmes to grow and improve your business. Faster payments, deeper insights and innovative rewards.

Get Paid Anywhere:

Anywhere you display your unique Zapper QR code, you can get paid – restaurants, retail, bills, eCommerce, fuel, parking, donations, taxis.

Gain Valuable Insight:

Every time someone pays you, they join your tribe of customers. With the Zapper Merchant Portal you can review details of all your customers and transactions, and bring them back with enticing vouchers and reward their loyalty.

Entice and Reward:

Create customised voucher campaigns to appeal to new customers and encourage repeat business with existing customers by way of incentives, discounts and savings.

Gain Customer Loyalty:

A little loyalty goes a long way. Sustain a loyal client base and influence spend behaviour by incentivising your Zapper tribe with in-app digital loyalty cards. Campaigns can be configured based on the number of visits, spend or on an item-level basis.

Integrated Partnerships:

Zapper has integrated with a growing number of mobile applications, online services and ePOS partners. Zapper’s integrated mobile payment and digital marketing solution can boost the functionality of your application or ePOS system.



  • Easy and safe payments with a quick scan from your smartphone
  • Pay at your favourite shops and restaurants, purchase online, donate to charities or fill up with fuel
  • Customer vouchers and loyalty card
  • Earn digital loyalty cards at your favourite merchants