Woodstock Gin Company

The Woodstock Gin Company was founded by Simon Von Witt, a passionate distiller of Fynbos infused South African gin. As his passion for creating new recipes and distilling alcohol  grew, so did his desire to share the final product of these  creations with other people, and let them know that gin is so much more than Juniper berry infused alcohol.

Inception – as the name implies, is the first gin which has been made available to the public. Inception encapsulates this Cape Town distillery’s passion for gin making.  The gin is unique, elegantly smooth with a  herbaceous flavour that has subtle undertones of their Fynbos recipe, including Rooibos, Buchu, and Honey Bush to name a few.

Woodstock Gin Company believes that South Africa can produce high-quality handcrafted gin that would make even the Brits turn their heads and continue to push the boundaries of concocting new and exciting gin recipes.

You are welcome to visit and sample the gin, letting your taste buds discover what the gin world has to offer.


  • Unique, exciting, high quality Gin
  • Production of Premium Gin
  • New & exciting Gin recipes



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