Travel Gem

Travel Gem is an inbound eco travel company in Cape Town that focuses on the “hidden gems” of the Western and Eastern Cape that is often overlooked by big tour and travel companies. The Travel Gem team or “Team TG” believes that service excellence, authentic experiences, warm African hospitality and one-on-one client services is what makes us unique.

Travel Gem is owned and managed by Authentic Travel Specialist, Megan Bruiners and backed by a team of qualified local guides and drivers who is managed by her husband David, and combined the team has more than 50 years travel and tourism experience.

The name Travel Gem originated from the term “hidden gems” and strives to live up to its name by providing pre-packaged and all-inclusive tailor made travel packages to those individuals who are frequent travellers between the ages of 35-65, successful and married with a family, adventurer at heart and reads travel magazines, who loves exploring untapped places, has an awareness of eco-tourism and sustainability and desires to grow and learn from other cultures during their journey of self-discovery and purpose, who prioritises their time and prefers to have a travel planner book their entire getaway.

  • Evoke the spirit of “Ubuntu” inside of you.
  • Grow. Learn. Experience.
  • We serve with excellence and aim to succeed expectations with our quality offerings and services.
  • We alleviate the stress and reduce the effort of the planning and decision making process while giving you peace of mind.
  • Intimate moments leaves memories and a lasting legacy.