The Fugard Theatre

The Fugard is one of Cape Town’s most loved theatres! In addition to the wonderful theatre space and shows that are produced here, the space has also been fitted with cinema equipment transforming the Fugard into a nostalgic bioscope as well. Here, a gigantic, HD movie screen takes over with its surround sound system and  ensures that the annual World Cinema Season screenings, in-house film festivals and movie premieres are of unforgettable quality. There are two bars present, one on the ground floor and another on the roof for those beautiful summer evenings.

The venue is also for hire, making it an ideal location for private and corporate events. For the creative industry, it also can serve as a studio, rehearsal space and film shoot base camp. The theatre often opens its doors for book and product launches as well as exclusive celebrations.


  • Named after iconic and legendary playwright Athol Fugard
  • Found in the historic location of District Six
  • Hosts premier productions, movies and film festivals