The Crayfish Trail Company

Explore South Africa’s beautiful West Coast! What would visiting Cape Town be without a road trip? We offer a series of overnight slackpacking trips which showcases the very best of our West Coast. There are few places in the world where one can experience mountains, rivers, wetlands, long beaches and snow white dunes on the same day of hiking. Not to mention the rich culture of the West Coasts’ fishing industry and history of the San hunter-gatherers and Khoekhoe pastoralists. All of this less than 2 and a half hour drive away.

The Crayfish Trail Company offers a range of guided slackpacking tours along the rugged and majestic West Coast. What is slackpacking you might ask? If two-minute noodles for supper, rocks poking into your hips, smelly socks and lugging a heavy backpack doesn’t sound appealing then slackpacking is just for you. Rather skip lightly along a leisure hiking trail. A daypack with water, camera and lunch on your back, a local guide by your side and overnight stops in comfortable beds preceded by hearty meals and great wine. All of this is organized for you.

Our trials include the full 5 Day Trail, a selection of 2 Day Trails and the option of tailor making your own trip. Food, great wines, accommodation and a knowledgeable local guide are included. A moderate level of fitness and an extreme love for nature and the outdoors is all that is required.  The Crayfish Trail is perfect for couples as well as families (children older than 11). The distance of your trip will depend on the route you choose but an average of 15 km per day is covered. We have a vehicle on standby if the need arises.

The Crayfish Trail Company takes responsible and sustainable tourism to the next level. We have made provision for substantial local community shareholding in the Crayfish Trail Company. We believe in transforming the tourism sector through capacity building, immersion, interaction, inclusion of local businesses, and equity. We are committed to seeing tourism in coastal communities become a sustainable alternative livelihood whose benefits impact those that are willing to work for it.

If an outdoor adventure, meeting new people, engaging with local people, eating unique food, drinking special wines and seeing beautiful places is your kind of trip, then be sure to contact us!


  • Two wetlands of international importance, identified as Ramsar
  • Home to the endangered West Coast Rock Lobster (Crayfish) after which the trail is named
  • Knowledgeable local guides
  • One of few places to see a Gannet breeding colony
  • Rock art dating back 100 000 years ago