The Beer Route

Explore the Beer Route and discover the huge range of quality craft breweries the area has to offer. Whether it be organised tours or self-drive options, collect a map at your local information office, or accommodation and make your way to your nearest craft brewery.Read More

Craft Breweries tend to be family owned, quite often relatively small, allowing clients to become patrons and the opportunity to get educated in the nuances of beer styles and form a greater appreciation for the art.

Tap Rooms are set across a range of locations from light industrial estates with awesomely themed interiors, to wine estates with spectacular views and open space; drinking beer is now a family friendly activity, albeit to be enjoyed responsibly and one should never drink and drive.

Beer is not a strictly ingredient-regulated industry, thus there are some very interesting authentically South African specialty beers hitting the tap rooms, incorporating fynbos and wild yeast for uniquely balanced flavours.

Tours can be arranged through our Stellenbosch office for collection throughout Cape Town. On the website you can search by beer style for the real beer geeks and specialty or seasonal beers, to help you find a brewery that has your sort of flavours to offer.

Have a look at the extensive list of breweries or search by area and beer style on

Member list:

  • LilyPatrick Brewery
  • Sir Thomas Brewing Co.
  • Zebonkey Brewing
  • Wagon Trail Brewery
  • Stellenbosch Brewing Company
  • Wild Clover Breweries
  • Karoo Craft Breweries
  • Cape Brewing Company
  • The Kennel Brewery
  • Berg River Brewery
  • Soul Barrel Brewing Co
  • Franschhoek Beer Co
  • Mountain Brewing Company
  • Broers Brew
  • Triggerfish Breweries
  • Red Sky Brew
  • Old Potter’s Inn & Brewhouse
  • Saggy Stone Brewing Co
  • Route 62 Brewing Company
  • The Maker Brew


  • Experience the best of the craft breweries in the area.
  • Craft Breweries have the brewers on site more often than not, so in many locations you get a first-hand experience of the beer.
  • Scenery and the ambience of the surrounding areas is an important component to the Craft Breweries on the list, so you will be close to the outdoors with great beers on tap.