Conference Venues at Spier Wine Estate

An ideal location for conferences of all kinds, delegates can be housed in the magnificent 153 rooms in this most classy of country hotels. An elegant boardroom is perfect for providing luxury locations for business guests while the Spier Conference Centre’s auditorium is a cinema-style, 430 seater. There are also three extra rooms to where smaller groups can break away.

With an intimate courtyard, the gentle sounds of the Eerste River and views of the Helderberg Mountains, it is an idyllic and calming haven of tranquillity. The Conscious Conference Package includes environmental and social components, enabling you to actively support local industry, fair trade and sustainability.


  • 153 rooms to house delegates
  • 430-seater auditorium with three smaller rooms
  • A classy and elegant boardroom

Does your property have a swimming pool

If yes, is it currently empty or full?

Yes – Our main swimming pool is open and the source for the water is rain water harvesting to refill it.  All courtyard pools are open for use, also making use of non-potable water. We use a WaterGuard – Liquid Pool Cover – Liquid Pool Cover is a special liquid which spreads over the surface of the pool to form a very thin film that will reduce evaporation by 50% and above.

Do you have a spa on your property

If so, what water restriction measures have you implemented?


We have a Spa, although we have no water facilities, such as a Sauna, or Steam room.
Do your bath tubs have plugs or have they been removed?


Guests are encouraged to shower only, we have removed all plugs from the rooms.  Plugs only available at reception desk on request. We have replaced the plugs with blue printed stress-balls with a water notice available on it. We have water communication requesting guests to reconsider making use of the baths altogether.
How often do you change the room bed linen?


We have notices available in all rooms to reuse towels, we also have a linen replacement card in the room, to try and encourage guests to request their linen to be changed less.

Upon check in guests are notified about the water crisis.



What measures have been taken in the hotel kitchen/restaurants to save water?


All information shared on the attachments.

Have you always offered bottled water in the rooms?

Are you continuing to do this?


Yes we have water in our minibars for purchase, and we supply turndown water, 1 per guest, per night.

Yes, we are still currently offering this.


What measures have been taken within the hotel gardens to save water?


We recycle 100% of our waste water, see document attached.

Any other feedback or comments regarding the water restrictions that you feel would affect a guests stay at your property?

Please let us know.


All information shared on the attachments.

What information is given to guests on check-in or any briefing done?


Clear signage all over the property guests rooms, reception & all public areas, bathrooms. Reception brief guests upon check in as well.

Eight Restaurant & Hotel Rooms:

  • Water from Air – please see document attached.


Guest Rooms:

  • Aerators have been installed on all hotel ablution facilities, room vanities, showers and bath taps, to reduce flow rate.
  • We have implemented loo buddies into toilets to reduce water in the system by 2 liters

Public Areas: 

  • We have installed electronic water meters to monitor water consumption and to detect any water leaks External taps potable and non-potable have been isolated by means of the tap lock.
  • We have waterless urinals
  • We have placed in new aerators to all taps that reduces water consumption by 50%
  • Our bathrooms have sensor taps that reduces water usage and avoids leaking
  • We have recently installed two 2500L water tanks which are filled by rain collected from the Hotel’s rain gutters
  • The tanks are connected to our swimming pool filtration and pump systems where it is cleaned and circulated into the pool and back, thus ensuring a continuous flow of clean water


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