Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is the oldest South African animal welfare organisation, determined to prevent cruelty to animals and educate others in the process. They also partner with law enforcement and veterinary services, operating within an enormous 11 000km² radius.

Aside from providing healthcare to individual animals that are brought in for care, through sterilization they have also helped to alleviate the over-population problem in the region. They are often in communities who need them the most, with quality inspectors determined to help those who can’t help themselves. There is an Animal Care Centre, a Horse Care Unit and a Wildlife Centre as well as boarding kennels, a lost and found setup and mobile clinics.

The SPCA is also a popular place for humans to adopt new best friends, with cats, dogs, horses and farm animals all looking for homes. There is an adoption process to make sure the prospective owners can adequately take care of them and is all done to make sure they live a long and happy life with those who care about them.


  • Services include animal care centre, wildlife centre and unit, horse care unit, sterilization, mobile clinics, feral cat unit, education and animal healthcare
  • Can adopt dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals
  • Operate from Grassy Park within an enormous 11 000km² radius


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