Shark Explorers

South Africa is known for its Big Five on land, but did you know that this beautiful country is also home to one of the most biodiverse shark populations in the world. Book a tour with Shark Explorers for your chance to get up-close-and-personal with a variety of shark species, from the bright cobalt Blue Shark to the colossal Great White Shark, the speedy Mako Shark to the ancient-looking Sevengill Shark.

Shark explorers also set the standards and guidelines for responsible shark diving and shark encounters, ensuring safety for the people on board the boat, as well as the marine wildlife in the waters below. They are involved in a number of research, awareness and conservation projects for sharks and rays around the world, and they would be only happy to show you the beauty of these misunderstood creatures.


  • Shark encounters with a variety of shark species in South Africa’s oceans
  • Responsible shark free-diving, shark viewing and shark cage diving
  • Species include Great White Sharks, Mako Sharks, Blue Sharks, Sevengill Sharks, Cat Sharks, Spotted Gully Sharks, and more


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