Recovery Direct

The care centre operates a number of treatment programmes carefully designed around the needs of each patient.

The appreciative therapy model is unique to Recovery Direct and enables individuals to rapidly move toward their personal growth goals and away from their detrimental behaviours.

Recovery Direct is one of South Africa’s few NON twelve step facilities and all models of patient treatment are based on evidence-led therapeutic principals of recovery.

The community in the treatment centre comprises of individuals suffering from a wide range of substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and anxiety related issues.

Specialist multidisciplinary staff help individuals to find progressive life-paths that no longer include their previously self-defeating behaviours.

The centre is located in iconic Constantia in Cape Town and is set in a modern colonial styled building with Victorian themed bathrooms, underfloor heating, double volume rooms with fire places and external balcony areas.

Common areas include large lounge areas and dining rooms where the resident chef prepares three delicious meals a day.

There are a number of crystal clear pools and fountains around the property which are fed by a natural mountain spring water.

Solar panels on the roof provide all electricity to the buildings making the centre remarkably sustainable.

While the property is a 5 star quality guest house, the real magic is in the work provided by the treatment staff on duty who are fully geared to help individuals break away from negative behaviour cycles and find strength in the face of addiction and other related issues.


  • Non 12 Step Treatment Model
  • Specialist Trauma Treatment Centre
  • Eating Disorder Treatment Centre
  • Residential Family Systems Therapy
  • Advanced Addictions Treatment


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