The landscape is awe-inspiring, its ancient rock formations and rock art sites contributing to the almost mystical landscape. Found on the banks of the Doring River, you can swim in the pristine waters while bass fishing and white water rafting are both tourist attractions. The site is surrounded by indigenous animals as well as a vast expanse of fynbos. There are many species of bird-life for twitches while wild flowers bloom during the spring. Visit the hot springs in Citrusdal after a day spent on the 4X4 or mountain bike trails.

At Oudrif, a sense of serenity and solitude is paramount to this authentic bushveld experience. That is why there are only ever 10 guests making use of the facilities at any given time. Using a 200-year-old building method, the straw bale cottages are environmentally-friendly in their construction and welcome you to a memorable getaway.


  • Close to the incredible Cederberg Mountain Range
  • Birdwatcher’s paradise
  • 4X4 and mountain bike trails
  • Near the hot springs of Citrusdal
  • Amenities include environmentally-friendly facilities and rates-covered breakfast, lunch, dinner, local beer, wine and soft drinks


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