Multi Dimensions

The training division of Multi Dimensions runs regular workshops around the country specialising in everything from creating print collateral to web, digital and video design, keeping their community and clients on top of their game with the latest trends and techniques.

Of Course You Can training takes the best aspects of  22 years in the business and gives clients a superb creative journey at a pace that is comfortable for each trainee. Everything you will learn is time-tested and has brought great success to Multi Dimensions trainees. A digital board game called Your Journey takes you through a progression of levels and skills, with the trainee decided on how far and at what pace they wish to go.

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A variety of creative concepts is introduced through recorded webinars. These are 1-2 hour sessions where you are shown how to work with creative software and provides the tools needed to harness your creativity.

Your journey will consist of different levels. With every level reached you will gain a skill that you can utilise. As you work through these levels you will become proficient in web and/or graphic design. In the digital world we live in, an understanding of or having an ability to be able to utilise these tools, is imperative.

With the Of Course You Can training you will get to understand creative design programmes and how they work, learn how to design and edit in Photoshop and Illustrator and learn how to build full CMS website systems and E-commerce sites.

You will be trained to design a number of things like party invitations, a company logo or website, a concept for a client or a Facebook image for a marketing campaign.

Become a part of the mobile design revolution, where every second of every day, every conversation you have and everything you see and hear becomes part of your creative universe.



  • Learn how to market with newsletters
  • Know how to drive traffic to your website
  • Build your own videos, edit and share  from apps on your mobile phone
  • Creat logos, brochures and website