Lunar Straps

Lunar Straps is a proudly South African design company that specializes in unique and expressive products inspired by South African landscapes and cultures. Lunar initially started in 2018 with strap accessories which were well received nationwide by customers and retailers.

The initial range includes a number of custom-designed camera straps with various unique patterns and designs exclusive to Lunar. They are durable and high quality with a universal attachment that can also fit onto a pair of binoculars. This range currently includes eight designs, with more to come in 2020.

The Tropical, made up of strelitzias and leaves, is inspired by the biodiversity of South Africa and the Cape. The Chromatic is inspired by the beautiful diversity and cultures of South Africa and is a bold and colourful strap. The Coastal has a blue watercolour effect and fish scales to represent the incredible beaches that wrap around the country. The Wanderer is representative of the expansive creative industry and expression throughout South Africa. The Explorer is a plain blue and represents the big African skies. The Bushveld is a khaki green and represents the expansive grasslands and savannahs.

The two newest members of the camera strap range include The Jade and The Dijon, a teal and a mustard strap respectively, which offer more colour options to customers. These designs offer an alternative to the standard camera strap and allow photographers to express their creativity and personality as there is something for everyone. The Lunar camera strap then becomes an extension of the user’s style and personality rather than serving only a functional purpose. Lunar has since expanded into other products such as yoga straps and sunglasses straps, and has plans for even more products and designs in 2020.

All Lunar products are made in Cape Town and support the local economy. Lunar has a large focus on eco-friendly methods and materials and does it’s best to lower the environmental impacts throughout the required processes. Lunar strives to continuously grow and improve and from the beginning of 2020 Lunar has also partnered with local company KWay which will improve quality, timelines and logistics for an altogether better product and service.


  • Uniquely South African
  • Functional and beautiful


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