!Khwa Ttu, San Culture and Education Centre

Here, you can experience guided tours from the San people or explore the veld with its unique vegetation, game and birdlife. Seeking to be an inspiration to all, the organisation wants to empower the San as well as introduce tailor-made training for both men and women in order to revert and maintain traditional ways of life. It is about creating a sustainable model for the future, allowing the children to grow up and connect with an existence that is fast becoming lost.

Accommodation at !Khwa ttu varies from luxury guesthouses to tented camps, found in the beautiful countryside of the West Coast. All offer a rustic sense of charm, fostering a connection to the land. Stretch your legs on a walk, trail run or one of the two mountain bike routes.


  • Go on San-guided tours and walks through the unique African bushveld
  • Live an authentic African experience in accommodation ranging from guesthouses to tents
  • Exquisite surroundings of West Coast nature


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