Iziko Lobomi – Centre of Life

Imizamo Yethu was established in the early 90’s and rapidly expanded to become home for more than 30,000 people. The township is a melting pot of many cultures and nationalities and is characterised typically by unemployment, lack of skills and poverty.

Iziko Lobomi means ‘Centre of Life’ and radiates warmth and energy into this bustling township day and night, 365 days of the year. It was built in the mid 90’s as a Church cum Adult Training Centre owned and managed by the HBCCA*, a faith based non-profit organisation. The need for a spiritual home for the many different denominations in the township as well as the need for skills development for the new community were the key drivers that inspired the Association to bring about this critical and extraordinary resource in this thriving community.

The main hall at Iziko Lobomi is the heart of the Centre and the comings and goings are endless: information sessions and community meetings, staff and volunteers preparing meals for the needy, social services by the local government and clinic, exercise and dancing classes, church services and meetings, pre-schoolers coming to their Play School, school children coming to their homework classes, adults coming for computer lessons and studies in the Study Centre – it hums throughout the day till late at night.

Imizamo Yethu is a popular destination for tourists and local tour guides bring many visitors into Iziko Lobomi every day to give them a sense of the warmth of this special community. Arts and crafts are fundamental income generators and many local crafters and artists use the Centre to make and sell their beautiful handwork to visitors. Beads, necklaces, hats and handbags made from re-cycled materials are very popular as well as local flavour artworks and creations produced by on-site artists working on both canvas and tin mediums.
Over the years Iziko Lobomi has become the rock to which the community turns in times of trouble and refuge for recharging spiritual batteries amid the hardships of township poverty and unemployment. It works because it is an enabling environment that promotes a culture of tolerance and sharing.
Iziko Lobomi is an inspiration and true example of a place where service to others is a delight!

* HBCCA – Hout Bay Christian Community Association


  • Vibrant, Authentic
  • Inspiring, Uplifting
  • Unique