African Culinary adventure at Gold Restaurant

Your taste safari starts with an interactive Djembe drumming session to build up some appetite before you’re seated in one of the beautiful African-themed dining areas. Your hands will be washed before dining and each meal brought out by a traditionally adorned staff member, who will explain to you the origins of your Cape Malay or African dish. Highlights include a Zambian Zombozza with Lamb and Ostrich, a Tanzanian Mango and Lime Chicken, and a North African Tabbouleh.

Live performances will continue to keep your evening alive and vibrant as you make your way through 15 incredible culinary masterpieces. Traditional performances begin with a praise singer who welcomes guests to the restaurant and introduces the other singers, dancers, puppets and other entertainment. A second performance showcases Africa’s dancing celebration and a third honours the royal African queens. In a beautiful and symbolic crescendo at the end of the evening, the queen scatters 24-carat gold dust on guests to thank them for their patronage.


  • Highly rated African restaurant in Green Point
  • 15-dish menu with dishes from a number of African countries
  • Live entertainment includes a drumming session, singing, dancing, puppets, ceremonies and more
  • Cuisine: Traditional South African, Cape Malay, Ethiopian, Tunisian, Mozambican, Malawian, Zambian, Tanzanian, Cape Malay, Egyptian, North African and more
  • Ambience: Authentic African